Sunday, 8 January 2017

Wayne Rooney equals Boby Charlton's Club Record !!

Rooney scored 249 goals for Manchester United Against Reading 

                                    Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney equalled Bobby Charlton's club record of 249 goals as the fourth round with 4-0 win over Reading on Saturday.

                                     As Charltron watched on from the stands Rooney gave United a lead within 7th minute of a game and he also missed a great opportunities to break a record of most goal for a Club. 

                                    Just after Rooney missed a golden opportunity to score a goal and set a new record for a club , Martial scored second goal for Man. United.

                                  In the end of a game Marcus Rashford scored two goals for Man. United and sealed a victory.

                                  Rooney said,"It was not something I could have imagined  , you don't think that far ahead , but I have been at this club a long time. It is a huge part of my life and it is honour to be up there  with sir Bobby Charlton." 

                                  Rooney reached this feet quicker than Bobby Charlton. Although he is playing in a more forward position than Charlton.

                                 In a next fixture against Hull City Rooney will look up to break a record in a first league of FA Cup. 





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