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Monday, 30 January 2017

Roger Federer defeated Rafael Nadal to clinch his 5th Australian Open Title and 18th Major Title.

Federer won his fifth Australian Open and Only Player to win five or more title at three different Grand Slam event.

6-4 3-6 6-3 3-6 6-3

This was a match between arguably two greatest tennis player. They won 32 titles in combine.

This is a third time Nadal Lost in a Australian Open Finals out of 4 finals. If he won this trophy he would be a player who completed career grand slam 2 times. And second player after Roger who have won major 15 times . But Nadal is now 30 years old and yet he has a chane to win 3 or 4 more majors.

1st Set : 6-4 Roger Federer

8th game , Rafa serving , Federer played aggressively in a game. Nadal's backhand error gave Federer break in a game and in a set. Federer won first set 6-4.

2nd Set : 6-3 Rafael Nadal

Second game Nadal broke Federer's serve when Federer hit weak one handed backhand , Nadal gave a response with powerful topspin Forehand.

Fourth game , Nadal once again broke Federer's serve and took a lead 4-0 in a second set.

Roger got one service back by breaking Nadal's serve. but Nadal had one more break point which he held and won a set 6-3.

3rd Set : 6-1 Roger Federer

Nadal had a break point in a first game of a set but he didn't take advantage of it. Federer held a serve. 

Second game Federer broke Nadal's serve and  took a lead 2-0 games.

Once again Federer broke Nadal's serve again. Took a set 6-1.

4th Set : 6-3 Rafael Nadal

4th game , an unforced error from Roger gave Nadal a break point. Nadal took it. Made a 3-1 lead in a 4th set.

Nadal held all his serve and took a set 6-3.

5th Set : 6-3 Roger Federer

First game , Nadal broke Federer serve and it's look like Nadal Going to win once again. he took 3-1 lead in a last set.

But Roger come back in  a set in a Fourth game after winning a game. Nadal handed a game to Roger.

After this Roger Broke Nadal's serve once again and took a champion ship.

Nadal missed a chance to surpass Sampras' 14 major titles.
After a game Rafael Nadal said,"I can't say that I am sad , I wanted to win , yes , but I am not very sad. At this moment in my career more important than titles is being healthy enough to work the way I need to work ,to fight for the things I  want to fight , I am going to keep trying to do and to work the same way." 
Federer After a game,''he could share a trophy with Nadal if There are any draw in Tennis.'' 

Saturday, 28 January 2017

                        Sarena Williams defeats Venus Williams And Creates a History 

                                                                   (6-4 6-4)

Serena is now the most successful woman in the Open Era after passing Steffi Graf with victory at the Australian Open.


                                        First Set :  6-4 Serena Williams 41 minutes

5 break of games in a set but Serena took a decisive one and took a set.

                                           First Game , Serena breaks Venus in a first game of a set with a running backhand winner to pass Venus.    

                                          2nd game of a set , Serena forces Venus into two more errors from the backhand side, but a double fault and a backhand error of her own makes it 30-all. Serena then hit  her first ace  but Serena Sends a backhand wide. Venus takes a set by sending a forehand long from baseline.

                                          3rd game of a set Serena breaks Venus serve again , unforced error from Venus gave break to Serena.

                                           4th game  , Venus levelled a game by breaking Serena's Serve , 4th break in 4 games. Sarena made backhand unforced error to give Venus a break ,

                                           7th game , Sarena took a break point with Backhand winner.

                                           10th game , Serena won a set by hitting a consecutive aces.

                                           Serena won a set in 41 minutes.

                                          Second Set : 6-4 Serena Williams 37 minutes

Serena won a second set , a game  , 7th Australian Open Title , 23rd Grand slam for  Serena Williams. 

                                          3rd game Venus Williams saved three break points , Venus held a serve by taking 5 consecutive points.

                                           7th game , Venus hit a forehand shot wide and a break point for Serena , but Venus held a serve when Serena hit a forehand into a Net. Serena took another break point by hitting thunderous forehand. But Venus levelled it back ,error made by Serena. Venus gave another break point by hitting backhand wide , Serena made no mistake this time he hit a powerful backhand shot and a game went to Serena.

                                             Sarena broke Venus after 6 breakpoints.

                                             Venus looks uncomfortable after 8th game of a set. but she holds.

                                             10th game of a match , Venus won 24 shots rally  ! What a play by both players.

                                              Venus hits  a shot into a net and a championship point for Serena Williams.

                                               Serena won a match I 1hour and 22 minutes.

                                              Serena become World no 1 and Oldest player to achieve it.




Thursday, 26 January 2017

Roger Federer defeates Stan Wawrinka in 5 sets thriller Semi Final

                   7-5 6-3 6-1 6-4 6-3

Federer reaches his 28th Grand slam Final in his Career after after overcoming compatriot Stan Wawrinka in a five-set thriller.

                                 First Set : 7-5  Roger Federer

                                 Federer's backhand to make it 0-15.  A stunning drop volley sets Wawrinka up for a smash for 15-all, but another missed backhand makes it 15-30. A few errors are creeping into his game. Another serve and drop volley routine makes it 30-all, but a superb backhand from left to right from Wawrinka forces Federer to net. Here’s a break point at a crucial time.

                                Wawrinka's backhand went long and Roger took a game.

                               12th game of a set , Roger Federer broke Stan Wawrinka's Service and took  a set 7-5. Wawrinka's another error gave Roger a set. 


                                 Second Set : 6-3 Roger Federer

                                 Federer broke Wawrinka's 3rd serve , Federer hit a forehand , Stan got a touch on the ball but it was minimal and he accepts the call made no difference to him . point went to Federer.

                                 Stan Wawrinka's couple errors gave two break points to Federer. Wawrinka saved a first point , but he hit another into a net. and a game went to Roger.

                                  After this both player hold their serve but one service break by Roger on Wawrinka's serve gave roger a set.  

                                 Third Set : 6-1  Wawrinka 

Wawrinka took a third set after medical timeout in stunning style.
                                 Wawrinka back in a game after breaking Roger Federer's 2nd Service game. Two forehand errors and another gave Wawrinka 3 break points. Federer survived first break point but Wawrinka took a second one.

                                 Wawrinka broke another service of Roger Federer Wawrinka earns a break point, bullying Federer with a forehand down the line. Monstrous hitting from Wawrinka unsettles Federer. who put his forehand way long.   


                                 Wawrinka hold his serve and took a set 6-1.

                                 Fourth Set : 6-4 Wawrinka 

Wawrinka took a third and fourth set to level a game.

                                First game of a set , Wawrinka broke Roger's serve , Roger hit  a forehand wide and gave a break points to Wawrinka. Federer served wide and moves forward , Wawrinka put a backhand pass left to right , and took a game. A break for Wawrinka.

                               Roger came back in a set by breaking Wawrinka's serve  , Two games , each player broke a serve of each other.

                                9th game of a set , Roger's serve was broken by Wawrinka.

                               Wawrinka serving for a set. He made no mistake and took a set 6-4. Wawrinka levelled a game with 2 sets each.


                                Fifth Set : 6-3 Roger Federer

now Federer is eying on to win  18th grand slam title.


                                7th game , Federer broke Wawrinka's serve. Wawrinka takes the first point, but Federer takes the next two thanks to excellent returns. Then Wawrinka squirts a backhand horribly wide to hand Federer two break points, his first of this set, and the world No4 double-faults! Rather uncharitably, the crowd cheers as Federer breaks. 

                                 Perfect start to the game for Roger as Wawrinka's defensive lob lands long. A quite brilliant inside out forehand then makes it 30-0, as Federer shows incredible foot-speed to run around his backhand and leather the ball down the line. Another huge forehand follows to set up 40-0 and three match points , Federer had a match point , Wawrinka send a backhand return long.

                                Match went to Roger Federer.   




Wednesday, 25 January 2017

                         Rafael Nadal defeated Milos Raonic in 3 straight Sets 6-4 7-6 (9-7) 6-4. 

 2009 champ Nadal is though to his 24th Major SF with 6-4 7-6(7) 6-4 win over world No.3 Raonic, his 50th Australian Open match victory. 

                        Injury was a main issue for Rafael Nadal in recent year , because of that he missed many games and also he was not able to play at his best. Nadal last reached a Grand Slam semi-final when he won the French Open - his last major title - three years ago.

                        In this Australian Open it's look like Nadal was nearly at his best.

                          First set :

                         Nadal played incredible tennis in the first set , hitting 12 winners and only 2 unforced errors. Those are number associated with the Nadal when he was in his prime.

                         Nadal broke Raonic's fifth serve game , Raonic's mishit on Volley handed a game to Nadal.and in Next game ,Nadal served out strongly, grabbing the set with an imperious overhead smash.


                          Second Set :

                           Raonic took a medical time-out after holding serve to lead 3-2 in the second set . 

                           Raonic leading a game with 5-4 , A double-fault from the Spaniard offered two set points when he was serving to stay in the set at 5-4. Nadal saved all break points and match went into a tie-break.

                           Nadal could have led 4-0 but missed a pair of forehands, so it was 2-2.

                           Raonic gained a 6-4 advantage, but a good serve from Nadal accounted for the fourth set point and the Canadian then double faulted long on the fifth. 

                           Nadal's first set point, Raonic's forehand clipped the tape and went wide. 

                           Nadal took a set with 7-6(9-7 in tie break). Raonic had 6 set points in a set but he missed it all and gave a set into Nadal's hand.

                            Third Set :

                             No coming back for Raonic in third set.  

                            Nadal broke Canadian's serve in 10th game.

                            Raonic gave Nadal 3 match points , Nadal Played a big Fore-hand cross court , Raonic drop shot was last shot of a game. 

                            Nadal won a game against Milos Raonic in 2 hours and 44 minutes.

                            Nadal will face 15th seed Grigor Dimitrov on Friday after the Bulgarian beat David Goffin.

                           Federer, 35, will play his fellow Swiss Stan Wawrinka in the first semi-final on Thursday. 

                           If Nadal  and Federer will win their game than this will be dream final , people are waiting for. Last time they played against each other in 2011 Grand Slam Final.




Monday, 23 January 2017

              Rafael Nadal defeated Gael Monfils  (6-3, 6-3, 4-6, 6-4) In a four Sets Match to reach Australian Open Quarter Final.

Rafael Nadal wins 4-set thriller vs Gael Monfils (6-3, 6-3, 4-6, 6-4).

                                             This was a best moment for Rafa After 2015 French Open where He entered in last 8 in that Major Championship. After That Nadal was not able to reach in any Major's Quarter Final.

                                              1st Set : Nadal takes 6-3

                                              In a second game Of a first set Monfils gave a gift beak point to Rafa , He made double Fault on hi serve when he was behind by 15-40.

                                              Rafa missed two set points in 8th game of 1st Set. Monfils nails him with a perfectly judged volley lob to make it 15-15. Nadal responds with some strong serving to go up 40-15 and two more set points. He only needs one this time - Monfils smacks a forehand miles out of court, and after 47 minutes Nadal is a set to the good. 

                                            2nd  Set : Nadal takes 6-3

Nadal After winning second set.

                                             Second Set , First game , Nadal Breaks Monfils Serve , He was on fire. Nadala  come out firing at the start of the second, flummoxing his opponent with a gorgeous backhand topspin lop and some huge hitting from the baseline to go up 15-40 and two break points. Monfils backhand shot was outside line , He missed it and a break for Nadal.

                                            6th game of Second Set , Monfils Breaks Back Nadal's Serve , Monfils was all over on Nadal in this game , he take first 3 points and took 0-40 lead , he had three break points , Nadal sends his Backhand too long and a break for Monfil. Monfils Levelled a game. 

                                           Nadal breaks Monfils Serve second time in a set , he didn't take too much time to come back in set and took a lead. Nadal's  thundering away a trademark inside out forehand winner and then whipping a couple of forehand passing shots down the line to get himself back in front.     

                                           After that game Nadal dominated second set.

                                           Double Faults by Monfils on his serve gave Nadal three break points. The Frenchman saves the first two, but no mistake from Rafa on the third and he secures a two sets to love lead when Monfils puts a backhand long. 

                                            Nadal took a set 6-3.

                                             3rd Set : Monfils takes 6-4

After securing a 3rd set in a match against Nadal 6-4.

                                            3rd set , 9th game Monfils broke Nadal's serve.Nadal's first double Faults of a game gave Monfils 2 break points of a game.Monfils takes the first one, as Rafa puts another forehand wide! and a game named to Monfils.

                                            Nadal had a chance to come back into a 3rd set when he had 3-break points but Monfils was not in a mood to give back a serve to Nadal. Monfil's a volley winner and two aces get him back to deuce.  Double Fault by Monfils gave another break points to Rafa. but Monfils striked back with beautifully carved ace out wide. he dollies a forehand into the net and we're back at deuce. Monfils served another ace and set point for him. This time Monfils didn't make a mistake , Monfils' cross court forehand winner wraps up the set.

                                            4th Set : Nadal takes 6-4

Nadal After winning a fourth set and a Match.

                                            5th game of 4th set , Nadal gave 3-break points to Monfils. He saved a first game point but Monfils took a second break point and a game.

                                            8th game Nadal breaks back in a set. Monfils missed three straight forehand in a set and gifted a break points to Nadal. A huge error by Monfils. This time Nadal holds his nerve and swats away a backhand winner up the line to get back on terms in the set.

                                            10th game of 4th set , A break point , A set point and A match points for Nadal.

                                             Monfils took first two points and took a lead in his own serve by 30-0 but Nadal fought back and forced his opponent to make an error , Monfils put a volley wide to fall behind 30-40. Monfils saved a first Match point with a tremendous forehand winner. Another Double Fault by Monfils gave Nadal second Match point , Monfils send his backhand outside of line. A Game, set and match to Nadal.

                                              Now Nadal will face third rank player  Milos Raonic in quarter final. Milos Raonic  defeated R.Bautista (7-6 3-6 6-4 6-1).   

                                                Rafael Nadal on Raonic ,"He's an opponent that makes you feel that you're playing with a lot of pressure all the time."


Saturday, 21 January 2017


       Rafael Nadal survives five-set epic vs. Zverev to reach Australian Open last 16

Nadal overcame rising star Alexander Zverev in a gripping contest to reach the fourth round of the Australian Open.

                   Rafael Nadal Defeated young sensation of Tennis A. Zverev in 5 sets 4-6 6-3 6-7 (5-7) 6-3 6-2.

                  In a  next few year Zverev will be one of the best player of tennis and many regard him as a next number one.

                  Rafael Nadal survives and put away another huge upset of Australian open after Novak Djokovic's departure from Australian open.

                   In a First set Zverev broke  Nadal's serve and won a set with 6-4.

                   but Nadal came back in a second set and won a set with ease 6-3.but 3rd set went into a tie break but before that Nadal had a chance to win a set when he broke Zverev's service and he couldn't hold that advantage , Zverev broke Nadal's Serve, Match was even. Match went into a tie Break. where Zverev won a set with 7-5 in a tie break.

                   Now Zverev holding a lead on Nadal with 2 sets to 1 set.

                   Nadal fought back in a game , he had shown his fighting spirit. He won 4th set 6-3 and he named fifth by 6-2.

                  Zverev, 19, had recovered a break early in the final set before requiring treatment for cramp.

A. Zverev Of Germany gave a Headache to Nadal in a third round game of Australian Open.

                   A four hour and six minutes game epic game come to an end where experience got an edge of young talent.

                  A. Zverev is German player and many people regard him as a next Becker and he has calibre to be a No. 1 player in Tennis.

                  It is almost three years since Nadal won his 14th major title at the 2014 French Open, and that was the last time he got past the quarter-finals at a Grand Slam.   

                  Rafa gave an Answer of question asked , "How he beat Zverev?"                   

                  Rafa said in his on-court interview. " Fighting And running a lot".

                "Everybody knows how good Alexander is. He's the future of our sport, and the present also."     

                  Nadal will  face France's Gael Monfils, who beat German Philipp Kohlschreiber 6-3 7-6 (7-1) 6-4.

                  Canadian third seed Milos Raonic made it through to the last 16 with a 6-2 7-6 (7-5) 3-6 6-3 win over Frenchman Gilles Simon

                   Denis Istomin, the qualifier from Uzbekistan who stunned Novak Djokovic in round two, produced another superb effort to beat Spanish 30th seed Pablo Carreno Busta 6-4 4-6 6-4 4-6 6-2.



Thursday, 19 January 2017

                             D. Istomin Stuns Djokovic In Second Round Of Australian Open

D. Istomin Defeated Dojovic : 7-6 5-7 2-6 7-6 6 -4                            

D. Istomin made a huge upset In Australian Open by Defeating Novak Djokovic

                                       D. Istomin defeated Djokovic in 2nd round of Australian open. This was a Biggest upset of Australian open.Six-time Australian Open champion Novak Djokovic has been upset in a shocking second-round loss to Uzbekistan wild card Denis Istomin.

                                       Djokovic was aiming to be first player to win Australian open 7 times but He faced a shock defeat to D. Istomin in 5 sets thriller (7-6 5-7 2-6 7-6 6 -4).

                                        D. Istomin won a first set in a tie break with scoring 10-8 points in tiebreak. In a second set Djoko came back from 2 set point down and wins a set with 7-5.

                                        In a Third set Djokovic won a set with ease by 6-2.

                                         Fourth set was won by D. Istomin ,7-6. Another tie break in a game , but D. istomin won a tie break by taking a points 7-5. Once again he broke Djoko's serve in  a tie break.

                                        And in a last set D. Istomin broke a Djoko's 3rd serve. Istomin earns the smallest of openings at the start of this game, a sumptuous backhand pass from left to right catching out Djokovic at the net for 0-15. Djokovic follows that up by spooning a forehand long for 0-30. Now then. This is interesting. Dial that up to very interesting – a stonking Istomin forehand return makes it 15-40 and here are the first break points in this set. Istomin pulls the trigger too early on the first, though, sending a wild forehand long, but he sounds like he’s just experienced the happiest moment of his life when he converts the second with an exquisite backhand down the line! Novak Djokovic is in a hole now.

                                      D. Istomin won Djoko's 3rd serve.

                                      D.Istomin never gave a chance to Djokovic to break his serve. And he named a game on his favour.

Novak Djokovic congratulates D. Istomin after facing a second round Australian Open exit by D. Istomin.

            Djokovic never gave a single set to D. Istomin in his last six mittings but this time Luck was not in his favour and his opponent played a very good game.

                                     "It is the biggest win for me. It means so much," Istomin said. "Now I feel I can play with these guys, and to be with them on the same level."

                                       Djokovic had won five of the previous six Australian Open championships, and had reached the fourth round or better every year since 2007 — the year before he won his first Grand Slam title at Melbourne Park.

                                      "I'm not used to losing Australian Open second round — I've done so well here."

                                      The last time he'd failed to advance beyond the second round at a major was at Wimbledon in 2008, when he was seeded third and lost to then No. 75-ranked Marat Safin, a two-time Grand Slam champion.  

                                         The last time he'd failed to advance beyond the second round at a major was at Wimbledon in 2008, when he was seeded third and lost to then No. 75-ranked Marat Safin, a two-time Grand Slam champion.

                                         "First of all, I feel sorry for Novak. I was playing so good today," Istomin said. "I surprised myself, as well."

                                         The 30-year-old Istomin will play No. 30 Pablo Carreno Busta in third Round of Australian Open.