Friday, 18 March 2016



                                             COPA DEL REY FINAL:

                                             WINNER:FC BARCELONA

ONCE AGAIN best club team in world did it again.defending a COPA DEL REY CUP. they did it second consecutive year.

they defeated sevilla 2-0.but it was a great game.sevilla lose a game but they one heart.

both goals are come in extra time.which was assisted by none other than magical man leonel messi.
fistt goal:

leo messi produced a sublime ball for jordi alba, and the Spaniard reciprocated with a fine finish, as the laliga champions overcame sevilla FC to claim the copa del reay for the record 28th time.

and second assist was as good as first one to the game three player sent off.

sevilla coach , Unai Emery: "I am very proud of the work this team did in the copa del rey.

 barca can add one more trophy for this season wid Spanish super cup final still to go after the international break.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016


born : 24 Jun,1987
salary : 26.5 million
height : 1.7m
team he is playing for : Argentina,fc Barcelona

               Lionel Andreas messi this name everyone know in the football world.messi is the greatest player in current generation and also one of the best in the game has ever produce.
if he wins world up than he will be greatest of all time.
                 messi is play as forward for fc Barcelona and Argentina.some people regard him as greatest of all time.he won five fifa ballon d'or award.he won 7 la liga titles,4 champions league title,three golden shoes,three copa del ray,only player to win three golden shoes award.

                  he scored most la liga goals in one season ,91 he won treble two times with Catalan side which is remarkable.last world cup they were nearly to win it.and also in copa america in the final.
last season barcelona won treble because of his remarkable perfomance. and this season trio of barcelona is in quit remarkeble for they hit 103 goals three months remaining.
he scored 23 goals in 2016 in 17 games.
                    2008-09 is a best season for fc Barcelona where Barcelona won sextuple.messi was given the no 10 Jersey which is a symbol of main player and best man of the team.2008-09 season he scored 38 goal in 51 games,along with Henry and Eto he scored 100 goals for fc Barcelona.
                    during his first season under new manager pep guardiola he played as false nine position which is false winger gave him a position to go in midfield to link with xavi and adreas .they crushed real Madrid 6-2 after this change up.they were copa del ray winner la liga champion in that year.this year they also won champions league title.
                      lionel messi once agiain proved himself vital for fc BARCELONA scoring 3 goals in both fixture in this 2015.
                     this chicky shot he played over arsenal's goalkeeper was he will play agiain his la liga rival Athletico madrid and second plaed in la liga.

                      here,another achievement by leo messi made 500 Goals for  club and country when he is only just 28 year old.what a landmark!

and also a copa del rey cup winner and 28 trophies with the catalan an important role in the final of copa del rey with two assist.

2016 status For Leo Messi:

Lionel Messi 2015-16 Season Statistics
Spanish League BBVA332616
UEFA Champions League761
Copa del Rey452
Super Cup & Club World Cup442

so far this year not so good for leo messi because of an injury.

although he played vital roal for fc barcelona to regain la-liga and copa del rey.