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Lakers' News

This year Los Angles Lakers are heavy favourite to win a NBA title after signing some of the great talent of the NBA and Some of the besr veteran players. 

After landing Anthony Davis Lakers' needs to decide who is going to be the focal point for the Lakers. Until now LeBron James is the focal  point for his team in all his career. Now he is older and no one can escape from age and getting old. Even LeBron James can't escape from that reality. He can't do a thing when he is doing in his 30's. LeBron James is already 34 years old and he will be 35 years old this December. He is getting better and better in all round player but his defense can't be same and in NBA To win a title defense is the best tool.  

Lakers' head coach frank Vogel says on Lakers' defense  that," You come to play the LA Lakers you are gonna get hit. You are gonna get smashed in the mouth and set the tone in regard today."

LeBron Says that ," Lakers' Ofense needs to run through Anthony Davis."

Anthony Davis is a guy who can dribble, past a defender and he can shoot very well. He is very dangerous for any opposition team and when you add him with LeBron James who is the best in drive through basket and score. This matchup will be nightmare for other team. Pick and Roll part will be the best for this duo. 

LeBron is a kind of player who can generate best from other players and Anthony Davis caliber type player LeBron is going to past a torch to him and he will help Anthony Davis to be the best player in the league.

Anthony Davis already told that he want to be the defensive player of the year this year. He is one of the best shot blocker in the league and also a defender.

LeBron's presence only give him a huge boost, LeBron is now older but he is one of the top 5 players in the league. LeBron give a chance to Anthony Davis to be the focal point for the Los Angles Lakers. 

Last year  Lakers was very bad at defense but this time they added some player who can play defense very well.

Best Contender For NBA Championship!

There are total 30 teams in the NBA and everyone of them will try to win a title but some of them have a powerful player who are capable of winning a title for Their team. After Golden State Warriors dominance in the NBA some of team sign best players and made a duo for their team. There are some team who is heavy favorite to win a title because of there star duo. If Houston Rockets chemistry will be right then they have as same chances as LAL and LAC to win NBA titles. 

1. Los Angles Lakers : Key Player : LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Kyle Kuzma

Los Angles Lakers signed Anthony Davis which who is going to be the best center or power forward in the NBA. After signing Anthony Davis Lakers becomes heavy favorite alongside Los Angles Clippers and now they sign Dwight Howard and some of the very good player who can fit very well with LeBron James. LeBron James will try to regain his title as best player in the world. LeBron and Anthony will be the greatest Duo in the NBA history if their chemistry will be right in the playing days for Los Angles Lakers. Compare to Last year Lakers signed very good player who can play good at both end and If Lakers 100% want to win NBA title than they need a much help from another emerging superstar Kyle Kuzma. He needs to play good at both Ends. 

2. Los Angles Clippers : Key Players : Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, Patrick Beverley 

                                                                                                                                                                        Taken From Google

Due to Landing of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George in the Clippers team they become most favorite to win NBA Title this season. Kawhi Leonard won a title last season with Toronto Raptors and Paul George teamed up with Russell Westbrook but it didn't go well. Los Angles Tried hard to sign Leonard but they failed because Kawhi didn't want to be the second guy and he choose to play for Clippers with Paul George. Both are very good in defense and offense. In NBA defense give more title thats why Clipper has slight upper hand than Lakers if Lakers will not play defense very well. Clippers have Patrick Beverley who is very good at his position. Clippers have sixth man of the year in their pocket Lou Williams who will come off the bench and he will scored too many points. 

3. Houston Rockets : Key Players : Harden, Westbrook, Clint Capela, Eric Gordon, PJ Tucker

                                                                                                                                                              taken from(Google) SBE

Houston Rockets sign Russell Westbrook and Gave Chrish Paul to OKC. Houston Rockets' team future will be in the hand of Russell Westbrook and how he will play for Houston Rockets. He and James Harden both are ball dominance player and both needed a ball much in their hand to score specially Russell Westbrook. James Harden doesn't need a ball too much to score He is a very good catch and shoot player but both are not 100% guaranty player who can score when needed the most. They both made many mistake when their team needed the most in the past. If Mike D'Antoni solve this issue than they are going to be dark horse in the title race.

4. Philadelphia 76ers : Key Players : Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, Al Horford, Tabais Harris  

This team has two young superstar who can give a win on their day. Joel Embiid establish himself as one of the best player in the NBA While Ben Simons needs to prove many thing if he will start to making his jumper than 76ers will be nightmare to the other teams. In this trade 76rs got AL Horford who had done many good things for Boston Celtics. 

5. Milwaukee Bucks : Key Players : Giannis, Khris Middleton, Eric Bledsoe, Ilyasova

Melwaukee Bucks have MVP of the Last Season Giannis who can give you a win on his own. Last time in the final of the Eastern Conference Milwaukee Bucks was head 2-0 in the series but they lost to Toronto Raptors due to great performance from Kawhi Leonard and Toronto Raptors players. Giannis shut by Kawhi Leonard in the Series which stopped Milwaukee to go into the NBA finals. Milwaukee have some good players which give them a chance to go into the Finals but not sure they can win in the finals. This time Milwaukee Bucks team filled with many role player which give Milwaukee in the upper hands.

This Year Golden State Warriors, Boston Celtics and Toronto Raptors are not in the race of NBA title. Klay Thompson injured himself in the last year's NBA Finals, Kevin Durant leave GSW and Now Stephen Curry and Draymond Green not enough to compete against duo like LeBron James-Anthony Davis, Kawhi Leonard-Paul George. Boston Celtics have some young talent but that is not enough to win a title. Al Horford left Boston Celtics and Kyrie also left and Kyrie sign with Nets with Durant to compete for title in the next season.

Who Is Going to be MVP This year's NBA Season.

MVP is the award given to a player who performed a best in the league. In the Last Season It's very hard to choose MVP Between James Harden and Giannis Antetokounmpo but Giannis got the MVP Trophy.

Now this year many players will try to get that award but some old hags are trying to get that award with very hard work. 

On Top of that list LeBron James will come as a front runner for MVP Trophy. Giannis also has a very good chance to regain his MVP Trophy this year. James Harden joined by Russell Westbrook which cut his slightly chances because of ball dominance of both players.

1. LeBron James(SF) : Los Angles Lakers 

At the age of 34 years LeBron James doing a great in the NBA If he would stay healthy in last year and His Lakers team made it to the NBA playoffs than he had a great chance to win MVP in the last year. His last years' stats are 27.4 points per game, 8.5 rebounds per game and 8.3 assists per game with 51 % shooting. Those are great numbers. Now LeBron has Anthony Davis, Kyle Kuzma and other good players in the Lakers roster who are going to be great fit with LeBron and Lakers. This year if Lakers will top the West and LeBron will get last year's number than He will have a high chance to get MVP Awards. Now He has Danny Green and Anthony Davis who will give him more assists but he will not get that much rebounds. 

2. Giannis Antetokounmpo(PF) : Milwaukee Bucks 

This guy is the winner of last season's MVP Trophy after LeBron this guy has a great chance to win MVP Trophy again even he has a even high chance as LeBron. If Milwaukee Bucks will Top East than Giannis will regain his trophy. Last Season Giannis scored 27.7 points per game, 12.5 rebounds per game and 5.9 assists per game with 57.8 FG % but in the playoffs he fail to continue his MVP performance against Kawhi and Toronto Raptors. Giannis is only 24 years old and he is already a on time MVP in the NBA and He has a great potential to be next great thing in the NBA.

3. Kawhi Leonard(SF) : Los Angles Clippers

Kawhi Leonard made a shocking decision to leave Spurs and He went to the Toronto Raptors but his decision was right despite many people criticize him on his decision. He gave first NBA Championship to the Toronto Raptors with his Team mates. Against 76ers He made a Crazy last second shot over Embiid which gave Toronto Raptors win over 76ers in 7 games series and in the Eastern conference finals He defended Giannis very well. In the Finals many players came as hero for Toronto Raptors but he got the MVP award of the Finals. Kawhi got Paul George who is one of the best defender of the league who will help him in many ways and Paul George is very good scorer. LAC got very good depth.

4. Anthony Davis(PF) : Los Angles Lakers 

Now he is going to play with best player on the planet and who is a very good facilitator LeBron James and also Anthony Davis is a very good rebounder and a shot blocker which will give him a high chance of a getting a very good number if he will not hurt himself. Last Season he scored 25.9 points per game, 12 rebounds per game, 3.9 assists per game with shooting % of 21.7 and he is also a very good 3 point shooter. He shot from long range last season with 33.1 FG%. With LeBron James he can be a dominator of the game.

5. James Harden(SG) : Houston Rocket 

Despite having Russell Westbrook having with him in his Team He is going to dominate in the offense not same as last season but he will going to do good. Russel Westbrook and James Harden both are ball dominant players but one player of these 2 players have to sacrifice his some playing style and it's going to be Russell Westbrook because Houston Rockets is a James Harden's Team and MIke D'Antoni play James Harden as a role player. James Harden scored 36.1 points per game, 6.6 rebounds per game, 7.5 assists per game with 44.2 FG% and 36.8 FG3%.

Here some other players who will be in MVP talk apart from these players are Stephen Curry, Joel Embiid, Russell Westbrook, Nikola Jokic and Damian Lillard

Kevin Durant is not in this talk because he will be out of NBA this season due to injury.

Los Angles Lakers has Potential to NBA Titles!

Los Angles Lakers made some of great moves in Trade deadine, but they also lost some of the best young player who can rule the NBA in the next few Years.

1. LeBron James

LeBron James is now not the best player because of last season Lakers's Kawhi Leonard but Now LeBron James will try to regain his position as best player in the world. His last year stats was very great but he couldn't carry his team to the playoffs. His last year's stats was 27.4 points per game, 8.5 rebounds per game, 8.3 assists per game with 51 FG%, 66.5 FT%. His Career stats are 27.2 points per game, 7.4 rebounds per game, 7.2 assists per game. His lasr season's stats is better than his Career stats but he missed many game in the last season that's why Laker's missed playoffs when he was injured, Lakers was in the 4th position in the Table. Now LeBron has to prove that he is the best player in the NBA and he will try his best to give 100%. This is biggest point which will carry Lakers to the NBA Titles. 

2. Anthony Davis :

 Many Taughted him as a future best player in the NBA and he has that kind of potetial. He will help Lakers a lot to win Title. His pick and roll with LeBron James is going to be the best for Lakers. He has all type of abilities, He can score from mid range, from long range, and on the post he is best player. If he will stay healthy than Lakers has best chance.

3. Danny Green :

 Danny Green will be best fit with LeBron James apart from Anthony Davis. He is one of the best 3 point shooter which LeBron needed the most in critical situation and also he is former spurs player coached under great Popovich and last year he won championship with Kawhi in Toronto Raptors.

4. Kyle Kuzma

With LeBorn and Anthony Davis he is going to learn a lot and he must to be third best player in Lakers roster to give Lakers a Championship. Last year he averaged 18.7 points per game if he will continue to score like this than this is the best hope for Lakers. He and LeBron need to be better at defense.

5. Dwight Howard

 Dwight Howard is the latest player which Lakers sign because of DeMarcus Cousins injury. Dwight Howard give his best to win Title in the LA. Kobe Bryant also believes that Dwight Howard will play his best basketball with Lakers and he also thinks that Dwight will do what ever it takes to help a Lakers. 

Lakers has other Very good players like KCP who can score from long range and JaVale McGee who is one of the best shot blocker in the NBA and can play very good at Post. Quin Cook is traded from GSW to Lakers, He won championship there with Curry, Gree, Thompson and Durant. His Experience will also help Lakers. 

Rojon Rondo has the best mind in the NBA. Last time he helped Lonzo a lot to improve.  Lakers also signed some tough minded player like Dudley, Avery Bradley.

Now Lakers needed only Team chemistry how it's going to be. Team chemistry is the most important thing to win a title.

If All things will going to be alright than Lakers has the best chances to win a title and they have potential to win a NBA Championship this year.     

The Most Dynamic Duo Of 2019

Who is going to be the most dynamic duo of 2019-20 season.This year too many thing happens in the trade. Before this all trade happen there were two or three teams in the NBA which can win NBA Titles and GSW was the best all of them. Last year they had 5 all star but they can't win  a title becaus of injuries. 

Kawhi Trade made balance in the NBA. If Kawhi Leonard decided to choose LAL than there will be only one team to win NBA Title and It's LAL but Kawhi's, Paul George's trade to LAC, Kevin Durant'sand Kyrie Irving's Trade to Nets, Russell Westbrook's trade to Houston Rockets give balance to the NBA.

In This year Los Angles Clippers made a great move in trade by acquiring Paul George and Kawhi Leonard which make them a title favorite ahead of team like GSW, Houston Rockets and Los Angles Lakers. Los Angles Lakers got Anthony Davis which also made LAL Title favorite.

Here are Top 5 Best Duo of NBA Right Now: 

1. Kawhi Leonard And Paul George (Los Angles Clippers) :

 Kawhi Leonard land a Toronto Raptors a NBA Championship. After winning championship with Raptors he joins LAC with Paul George who is a one of the best two way player in the NBA. Kawhi is the best two way player in the NBA Right now and 2nd best two way player join him. This is just like Micheal Jordan and Scottie Pippin. If we join combine statistics of this 2 players than it gives this kind of Stats : 54.6 points per game, 7.4 assists per game, 15.5 rebounds per game.      

2. LeBron James and Anthony Davis (Los Angles Lakers) : 

LeBron's Team didn't give a great performance in the last season. Now Anthony Davis joined LeBron James who is  going to be a best player in the next coming years if injury will not bother him. If LeBron is in his around 32-33 year near than this duo must be the best duo in the NBA. Now a Days LeBron can't defend very well that is the biggest issue of him and this thing gives this Duo second number. If we join combine statistics of this 2 players than it gives this kind of Stats : 53.3 points per game, 12.2 assists per game, 20.5 rebounds per game.

3. James Harden and Russel Westbrook (Houston Rockets) : 

Here another thundering trade happen from OKC to Houston Rockets where Point Guards have been swapped. Russel Westbrook joins Houston Rockets and Chris Paul joins OKC. This is a great news for Russ but not think so for Houston Rockets. James Harden and Russell Westbrook both are ball dominant players and don't know how they fit with each other if miracle happens than Houston Rockets have a best chance to win NBA titles. Both players will delivered a very good number in this years 2019-20 NBA Season. If we join combine statistics of this 2 players than it gives this kind of Stats : 59 points per game 18.2 assists per game, 17.7 rebounds per game.

4. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving (Brooklyn Nets) : 

Unexpected Trade happened for Nets. Kevin Durant injured in the NBA Finals and now he will not play next season until he is not healthy. Kyrie Irving traded to Nets From Boston Celtics where he nearly made his promise to stay. Both are great scorer but their defending ability is the issue. If we join combine statistics of this 2 players than it gives this kind of Stats : 49.8 points per game, 12.8 assists per game, 11.4 rebounds per game.

5. Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson (Golden State Warriors) : 

They both are great shooter. Curry is the Best shooter of All Time While Thompson is the one of the top five shooter of all time. They both are nightmare for opposition team with Drymond Green they are championship contender. Klay Thompson also injured in the NBA finals and he will not play until January. If we join combine statistics of this 2 players than it gives this kind of Stats : 48.8 points per game, 7.6 assists per game, 9.1 rebounds per game.


Rating From NBA 2K20 To Los Angles Lakers Players.

NBA 2K is one of the best game series in the Sports game which is set to release in the September.
They revealed a ratings of Los Angles Lakers Players. LeBron James tops the list in that list and Anthony Davis is on second number.

They gave LeBron James 97 points as he tops in the NBA in NBA 2K20 rating. Kawhi Leonard also got 97 points from NBA 2K20. He is Los Angles Clippers' Player.

Here given list of other Los Angles Lakers Players Rating in NBA 2K20 :

NumberPlayerNBA 2K20 Rating
1LeBron James97
2Anthony Davis94
3DeMarcus Cousin86
4Dwight Howard80
5JaVale McGee79
6Danny Green77
8Jared Dudley72
9Avery Bradley76
10Rajon Rondo76
11Quinn Cook74
12Alex Caruso73
13Troy Daniels72
14TH Tucker(Rookie)70
16Kyle Kuzma84

Giannis Antetokounmpo, James Harden and Kevin Durant got 96 rating from 2K20. Stephen Curry got 94 and Anthony Davis got 94 points rating. Paul George got 93 rating. Damian Lillard got 92 rating. Joel Embiid got 91 rating.   

Milwaukee Bucks 2 Vs Toronto Raptors 1

It looks like series is going to be one-sided in the eastern conference final but Toronto Raptors fight back in a 3rd game against Bucks at Home. Kawhi Leonard scored 36 points with 9 rebounds and five assists. Pascal Siakam scored 25 points, 11 rebounds and 1 assist. Norman Powell scored 19 points coming off a bench. Marc Gasol Scored 16 points with 12 rebounds and 7 assists.

For Milwaukee Bucks, Giannis scored only scored 12 points. Middleton and Bledsoe scored only 20 points combined. It was a very bad game for Bucks star players. For Milwaukee Bucks, Bench player played a great game. George Hill scored team-high 24 points while Malcolm Brogdon scored 20 points. Giannis's 23 rebounds helped Bucks a stay in the game but He turned a ball 8 time out of the Bucks 20 turnovers. Giannis made only 5 field goal from 16.   

Milwaukee Bucks had a chance to win a game in regular time when Kyle Lowry and Powell both fouling out in the fourth quarter of the game.

In the fourth quarter when 7.4 seconds left in the game Pascal Saikam was on the free throw line but Siakam missed both free throws if he made those both free throws match would have been won by Raptors in regular Time

In Regular time Toronto had two points lead but Middleton levelled a game with a layup and pulled a game into extra time. 

In First Over Time Kawhi Leonard made a step back to put Raptors 4 points ahead but Milwaukee replied with Brogdon's floater and Hill's two free throws and levelled a game another extra time in a game.

In second Overtime Giannis fouled out from a game when 4:24 to go in the second time when Pascal Siakam drove to the Bucket draw a foul. It was a tough time for Milwaukee Bucks when Giannis fouled out from a game. In Second Overtime Raptors outscored Bucks 15 to 9 where  Kawhi Leonard scored 8 points in the second overtime to overcome Bucks and win a game for Toronto Raptors. Pascal Siakam also made some huge plays. Kawhi Leonard made a huge steal and Pascal Siakam made a huge block on Lopez's shot which could have tied a game. 

It was good news for Toronto Raptors that Pascal Siakam and Kawhi Leonard both made huge plays in this game. If Toronto Raptors want to win this series then these two players must have to play at their highest level in this series.

Milwaukee played a very bad game if this shooting slump will continue then it's going to be tough for them also they have some positive prospect that their star player regains their form than they will win the fourth game. Despite Their star players worst game, Toronto won a game hardly in 2 OT.    

             Eastern Conference     Vs     Western Conference

Anthony Davis now hold a record for most points in all star game with 52 points.

                                   Davis took an All-Star record 39 shots and scored 52 points to lead the West over the East at the 66th All-Star Game, 192-182 -- the highest-scoring game in league history.

Western Conference48494748192
Eastern Conference53394743182

                                   The 374 points scored between the teams are the most in NBA All-Star Game history, according to ESPN Stats & Information, surpassing the previous high of 369 set last season.

                                   Davis also had 10 rebounds. He held off a late MVP charge by Thunder guard Russell Westbrook, who had 41 points, 7 assists and 5 rebounds. 

                                  When Russell Westbrook passed to Kevin Durant and the latter lobbed it back to the former for a dunk, NBA narratives shifted like time-lapsed tectonic plates.

                                   After totalling 82 seconds together, both were nonchalant, which is an improvement over dismissive. Russ called it a “nice give-and-go.” Durant said the “great basketball play” happened because Westbrook “was open, so I threw him the lob.” It’s a start, but also, hopefully, an end. Before the second half, Westbrook warmed up on KD’s side of the court.

                                    Russell Westbrook, the MVP of the last two games, finished with 41 points, seven assists and five rebounds. Kevin Durant recorded a triple-double with 21 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists. '

                                   Giannis Antetokounmpo paced the East with 30 points. LeBron James finished with 23 points and Isaiah Thomas had 20.

                                   In a First quarter Anthony Davis of the West and Giannis Antetokounmpo of the East each pour in 10 points in the first 12 minutes . The East shoots 62.9 percent (22 of 35) to 55 percent (22 of 40) from the West . There was a combined 58 fast break points from the two sides in the first quarter.

                                  In a second quarter Anthony Davis leads the way with a game-high 22 points .LeBron James has a team-high 20 points for the East. He's the first player to surpass 300 points in All-Star games. Russell Westbrook has 19.

                                  In a 3rd quarter Anthony Davis remains the game's high scorer with 32 points, as well as seven rebounds .Giannis Antetokounmpo leads the East with 28 points .LeBron James has 23 points . both squads shooting near 60 percent in this defense-first affair . Biggest lead has been eight points on both sides . Through three quarters, the West has 92 points in the paint, while the East has 86 .There has been a combined 158 fast break points.     

                                 In a 4th quarter West outscored East only by 5 points.This was a great game.Westbrook scored 12 points -- all on 3s -- in a 63-second span late in the third quarter after coming off the bench. Then he opened the fourth quarter with another 3, giving him 34 points in just under 14 minutes played to that point.

                                 "I was just having fun," Antetokounmpo said. "I told the coaches I'm going to play hard, no matter what. The guys talked to me a lot and they said, 'Your first shot has to be a layup so you can get in a rhythm.' So that's what I did." 

                                  Antetokounmpo was impressive with 14-of-17 shooting on layups and dunks. He attempted a single three-pointer and missed it. He scored in the last second to reach the 30-point mark, the most scored by a Bucks player in an NBA All-Star Game. He also had six rebounds, three steals and one assist while playing 23 minutes.         

Eastern Conference :

LeBron James19310023
Jimmy Bulter1932106
John Wall21644012
Isaiah Thomas19130020

Western Conference : 

Anthony Davis321002052
Kevin Durant2710102021
Kawhi Leonard1522104
Stephen Curry28461021
James Harden307120012
Draymond Green1776302
Marc Gasol211081110
DeAndre Jordan1332006
Russell Westbrook20571041
Klay Thompson18250012

                                  Eric Gordon won three point contest beating Kyrie Irving in Tie Breaker

                                  Gordon had the best round of the whole exhibition to start off his night, with 25 points. He made it to the finals against Kyrie Irving and Kemba Walker and kinda sorta choked on his final rack. Kyrie had set the pace at 20, and Gordon had 19 before getting to the far corner. He hit just one of the five shots there, and a tiebreaker was required.

                                  Irving had to go first, and his legs were clearly not the same. He missed several of his shots badly, and didn't even crack 20 points. The man formerly known as E.J. cruised to a score of 21, and took the trophy.

                      All-Star Slam Dunk Contest Winner :Glenn Robinson

                                 Robinson gets the C+, with the plus coming as a result of his victory, which largely happened by default. Robinson’s first dunk was arguably the dunk of the night—he threw down a reverse after grabbing the ball from someone who was perched on someone else’s shoulders. The best part of the slam was Robinson milking the setup, continuously asking the person holding the ball to go higher until he reached his perch.

                                 Aoron Gordon failed to defend his Slam Dunk Champion Title.

                                 Kristaps Porzingis won skill chalange in All-Star week end.


                                    Cavs(38-16)     vs     Timberwolves(21-35)

                                   Kevin Love is out for 6 weeks due to knee surgery. This is a bad news for Cavs. LeBron and Kyrie lead Cavs to get a win against Minnesota Timberwolves. They both scored 25 points each.


                                  LeBron James scored points against Timberwolves with an average of 26.8 ppg. Andrew Wiggins scored 41 points in a game. He kept his team alive in a game single Handily.

                                 8:34 remaining in 1st quarter , Towns made straight drive to rim and hammered a rim with a dunk. 7:35 remaining in a 1st quarter , Towns made 2 points , Timberwolves got 9 points lead.

                                4:45 remaining in 1st quarter , Frye three pointer levelled a game for Cavs. In a next position Triston Thompson scored with a dunk on ally oop pass by Kyrie Irving. 2:49 remaining Kyrie Irving shot was blocked by Towns.2:42 Andrew Wiggins Three points gave 3 points lead to Timberwolves in 1st quarter. Minnesota took 4 points lead in 1st quarter.

                               9:48 remaining in a second quarter , Kyle Korver levelled a game for Cavs by scoring three pointer assisted by James. 3:58 remaining in 2nd quarter , kyrie Irving made 3-pointer , Cavs got 7 points lead. 44 seconds remaining in 1st half , James drives and hammered a rims with a powerful dunk. Channing Frye made last seconds 3-pointer assisted by LeBron James.

                               Cavs took 8 points lead after first half.

                              Cavs made 8-0 run in 2 minutes ,6:11 remaining in 3rd quarter , Kyrie Irving made 3-pointer , assisted by LeBron James.

                              Wiggins scored 19 points in a 3rd quarter. Minnesota Timberwolves outrun Cavs with 15-5 and levelled a game in third quarter 93-93.

                              Wiggings made a two pointer at a buzzer Turnover by LeBron James.

                              Andrew wiggins made 2 points and cut a lead to 1 point. 5:22 remaining in a last quarter LeBron James ally oop pass to Derrick Williams , Derrick Williams made a Dunk.

                              2:06 remaining in 4th quarter , LeBron James made 3 pointer , Cavs got 6 points lead. 1:41 remaining Derrick Williams steals a ball and scored 2 points , 8 points lead for Cavs.

                              Cavs outscored Minnesota in Last quarter of a game with 23-15.

                             Now Cavs will Face Indiana Pacers tomorrow and Minnesota Timberwolves will face Nuggets.    

                             For Cavs :

LeBron JamesF392581400
Channing FryeF322110102
Tristan ThompsonC351411100
Kyrie IrvingG37251711
Derrick Williams22138010

                              For Nuggets :

PlayerPosition MinPointsRebAstStlBlk
Andrew WigginsF41413210
Gorgui DiengF371210100
Karl-Anthony TownsC38268401
Ricky RubioG38581620


              Cavs(37-16)     Vs     Nuggets(24-30)

Kyrie Irving and Lebron James scored 27 points in a game , Lebron James scored 20+ points in 17 consecutive games against Denver Nuggets.

                                    Nuggets  missing key players Kenneth Faried, Danilo Gallinari and Emmanuel Mudiay with injuries. After four games road trip Cavs are back in Home Court. They dominated Nuggets in a game.


                                    James also finished with 12 assists and passed Brad Daugherty (5,227) for the second-most rebounds in team history.  

                                    Iman Shumpert missed his 3rd straight game due to a sprained left ankle.

                                    In a first quarter  ,Nuggets made 11-5 run in three minutes and took a lead of 5 points.

                                    10:18 remaining in 2nd quarter , A great spinning move by LeBron James , He made a two points and draw a foul. 9:05 LeBron James made a layup shot which gave a 2 points lead to Cavs.

                                    James set Williams up for a wide-open 3-pointer that he drained with 5:05 left in the second, and on the next possession Irving flipped it to Williams on a fast break for a nice dunk, much to the delight of Williams and the crowd.4:11 remaining in 2nd quarter Kyle Kover's 3-points gave 6 points lead to Cavs. Cavs outscored Nuggets 31-22 in 2nd quarter and took 4 points lead after first half.

                                    Cavs started a third quarter with Kyrie Irving's 3-pointers. 9:20 Remaining in 3rd quarter , Wiggins made a running layup shot , assisted by Love , Cavs got 11 points lead.

                                     7:01 remaining in 3rd quarter , In 4:18 minutes Cavs made 18-0 run and took a lead of 22 points.  Cavs took 14 points lead after 3rd quarter.

                                     Both Teams were on same level in fourth quarter but Nuggets was unable to give any threats to Cavs in a game after first half.

                                      When the Cavs lost to the Thunder, they were playing for the third time in four nights, fourth in six, were missing three shooting guards, and the Thunder hadn't played since Monday.

                                     Now Cavs will play Minnesota Timberwolves while Denver Nuggets will play Mighty team Golden State Warriors.    

                                     For Cavs :

Player PositionMinPoints RebAstStlBlk
LeBron JamesF332751220
Kevin LoveF33169501
Triston ThompsonC351313111
Kyrie Irving G35274511
Kyle Korver26145110

                                     For Nuggets :

Wilson ChandlerF34136100
Nikola JokicC372713402
Gary HarrisG29163011
Jameer NelsonG36128820
Will Barton22123410
Jamal Murray17160110



                        Cavs(36-16)     Vs     OKC(31-23)

Cavs wrap up 4game  Road trip at 3-1.Derrick Williams scored 12 points in a game in a debut game for Cavs.

                         Russell Westbrook scored 26th triple-double of a season and levelled for most triple-double in single Season with O.Robertson for 4th place. Cavs sign former no.2 overall pick Derrick Williams to 10-day contract.


                        OKC out rebounded Cavs in this game with 51 to 35 , Which helped them to get a win over NBA Champion Cavs. Big game for Cameron Payne tonight. In a win over the Cavs he scored a season-high 15 on 6-of-12 shooting.

                        6:45 remaining in 1st quarter , Russell Westbrook put on a free throw line where he scored both free throws. OKC got 6 points lead. 4:15 remaining in a 1st quarter Kyrie Irving made 3-point shot which cut a lead to 1 points.

                        3:14 minutes remaining in 1st quarter , Kevin Love made layup shot assisted by Irving which gave 1 points lead to Cavs. and Love mad a free throw ,Cavs got 2 points lead but Adams cutting dunk levelled a game for OKC.

                       After this Cavs missed all their shots which helped OKC to take a lead in a quarter with lead of 8 points.

                        OKC started second quarter strongly.

                       But Cavs made 12-0 run in just 3 minutes and levelled a game with OKC. Russell Westbrook made 3 point shot assisted by Adams 3 points lead for OKC.

                      OKC held a lead until 1:02 minutes remaining in a 2nd quarter where Kyrie Irving layup shot levelled a game. Love made a layup shot assisted by Irving which gave 2 points lead to Cavs.

                      Cavs got 2 points lead after first half.

26th triple-double for Russell Westbrook in this season.

                     8:14 minutes remaining in 3rd quarter , Lebron missed an easy dunk on Kyrie Irving pass. 5:55 minutes left in a quarter , Kyrie scored 3-points. Cavs 67 -OKC 67.

                    4:40 remaining , Westbrook got a step and a bucket and drew a foul on Kyrie Irving , 3 points play for Russell Westbrook and 5 points lead for OKC.

                    OKC took 4 points lead after 3rd quarter.

                   In a 4th quarter , Lebron James not able to score a single point. He was able to hit only 2 shots in fourth quarter.

                    2:08 remaining in 4th quarter , Oladipo stole a ball , He passed a ball to Westbrook , Westbrook gave it back to Oladipo , Oladipo scored 2 point with 360 degree layup. Russell Westbrook registered his 26 Triple-Double of a season.

                    OKC won a game by 9 points.

                    Now OKC will Face Kevin Durant's Team GSW which is in first place in NBA. Cavs will face Denver Nuggets.

                     For Cavs :

Lebron JamesF40185722
Kevin Love F301512030
Triston ThompsonC32105111
Kyrie IrvingG34281421
Derrick Williams21120100

                     For OKC :

Russell WestbrookG3529121140
Steven AdamsC392013112
Victor OladipoG36237320
Cameron Payne12151210