Tuesday, 4 October 2016

                                           BARCELONA  3 - CELTA VIGO 4

                             Really, bad season for Barcelona Fans.Barcelona slipped their chance to take a lead in La Liga. Now they are in the 4th position with 7 games played and 2 point behind La Liga leader Athletico Madrid.

                             Both Madrid club has same Point but because of  GD Athletico is in top in the table.

                             In the game Barcelona started game without their pivot player Andre and Mascherano while messi was not playing in the game because of injury.

                            Barcelona played very bad game in defence.

                           Neymar had great chance in the starting minute of the game but it was missed.Barcelona was dominant in the starting minute of the game but they have very few chances.

                          first goal scored by Celta Vigo was Awesome.Lago Aspsas Wonderful pass to Sisto and what a Goal by Sisto!!!bad pass by Ter Stegen .

                           Wow Aspas, What a goal Passed 2 defender and scored a wonderful goal.but it was sloppy play by Barcelona defenders.but that was awesome play by Aspas.second goal was single handily scored by Aspas by crushing Barcelona defence.

                          third goal was scored by Jeremy Methiue defend own post he scored a own goal for Celta Vigo side.Iago Aspas breaks away at speed from Luis Suarez's blocked shot before dispatching another shot which Jeremy Mathieu slides the ball into his own net while attempting a clearance. Incredible.
                         Aspas was doing in this game was all totally cool for his team and that was his day no one could stop him in the game.Luis Enrique was totally stunned by Barcelona performance.

                         First half Barcelona 0 - Celta Vigo 3.poor performance by Barca.

                         Barcelona defence were totally clueless,What to do against Aspas.

                        Barca send Andre in the game.and it made positive impact for Barca side.play maker made his move and gave cross pass to pique and he put ball into the net.that was first goal by Barca.
nice start in second half by Barca.

                        Andro Gomez pulled by Pablo Harnandez and referee gave a penalty.Neymar took penalty and scored a totally cool goal by sending Sergio Alvaraz in wrong way.

                      now Barca just 1 goal behind hope for Barca to come back.

                      yellow card for Pique in the 74th minute .

                      another huge mistake by Ter Stegen he gave pass to Pablo Harnandaz and that was the 4th goal of the game for Celta Vigo.

                       Now its time for Bacelona to score a goal and Pique came with his own style he scored a goal with awesome header pass given by Deniz Sauraz.

                        but this was last goal of the game and another loss for Barca.

                        now Barca is in the fourth position in the La Liga.this season is going to be tough for them every year messi was injured by someone in the ending of the every year and every time he missed a chance to score a more goal and lost every chances to get a Ballon d'Or.