Saturday, 15 October 2016

                                       BARCELONA          4       -            DEPORTIVO 0

                                       Great victory for Barcelona. They crush Deportivo. After last game lost to Celto Vigo they came back very strongly, and won a game against Deportivo in Catalan style.

                                       First chance came for Barcelona in the 7th minute. A wonderful cross from Rafinha to Neymar but Neymar effort hit a crossbar and Suarez header went near to crossbar.

                                       in the 14th minute Neymar took free kick but it went over post bar. 

                                       Deportivo causes problem for Barcelona when they got a chance to counter attack.

                                      21st minute Suarez lovely pass to Rafinha and Brazilian made no mistake, scored a goal for Barcelona.1-0 to Barcelona.

                                      Lionel Messi was on the bench in his come back game.
                                       Barcelona 2-0 Deportivo (Rafinha)

                                      Rafinha scored another goal for Barcelona.What a game for him.Rafinha fires from close range Lux put away Pique's header.

                                      Barcelona 3-0 Deportivo (Suarez)
                                      nice pass by Neymar to Suarez and Suarez put a ball through lux into the net.
third goal for Barcelona.

                                       Suarez missed two chances before half time.


                                        Suarez  replaced by Paco.55th minute Messi replaced Busquet.

                                        Barcelona 4-0 Deportivo (Messi)

                                        Messi is a comeback king.just after 3 minute on the pitch he scored a goal.Messi fired into the top corner of Deportivo post bar.4th goal for Barcelona.

                                       RED card for LAURE ,fouled on Neymar.just a 10 men for Deportivo.
good chances missed by Barca.

                                       Barcelona kept their pressure on  Deportivo in  whole match.but 10 men Deportivo team did a good job to hold back Barca.some great chances were missed by Barca.

                                       now Barcelona are in the second position in the table, mean while Athletico and Real Madrid have  yet to play a game.While Sevilla top a table.

FULL-TIME: Barcelona 4-0 Deportivo
                                     CHELSEA          3                     -                    LEICESTER CITY          0
                                      Diego Costa 7
                                      Eden Hazard 33
                                      Victor Moses 80

                          Dream run is over for Leicester City .another lost to Leicester City.Chelsea crush Leicester City by is now impossible for Leicester City to win title again.
                          early Goal for Chelsea,just 7 minute later Diago Cost Scored his 7th goal of the season.lazy defence by Leicester City and unmarked Diago Costa Scored an easy goal.

                                    Eeden Hazard low corner was flicked by Matick and unmarked Costa scored a easy goal.

                                     In the 28th minute 25 yard free kick was taken by David Luis,awesome free kick but hit a post.33 minute ,wonderful goal by Eden Hazzard .Hutch and Harnandaz were try to intercept pass of matic but they came in each other ball come to Pedro who put a ball in Hazard's way.ball hits Hazard's head and bounce beyond last man Hutch.

                                    Schmeichel  came in a way of Hazard but he put a ball easily in to net and this was a second goal for Chelsea.

                                    in the first Half Chelsea 2 - Leicester City 0.

                                   SECOND HALF

                                   in the 48th minute Chelsea's appeal for penalty was turned down by referee when Pedro's shot hit a arm of Hutch.

                                   Azpilicueta was booked for sliding through Musa in 51th minute.

                                   in the 80th minute 3rd goal for Chelsea,Moses scored a goal.Moses played one to one with Chalobah and what a wonderful back heal pass by Chalobah and a wonderful goal by Moses.this was a last goal of the game.

                                   Leicester City have lost 4 games already.

                                  Full Game : Chelsea 3 - Leister City 0  


Friday, 14 October 2016

                                                                 TOP 10

 1.                              Stephen Curry: 

                                                             A great thing to see Curry on the top of this list. Two time MVP. He gave headache to LBJ in the previous two NBA finals and Curry is only just 28 years old. Long way ahead of him in the NBA. He is a best Three point shooter even when he is in sleep he can make three point. He was very good last year but this year he prove himself as going to be great. Every GSW's fan will remember this name.

2.                            Paul Pogba:

                                                              Country : French 
                                                              Sport : Soccer
                                                              Age : 23   
                                                              it's a new beginning for football. new stars emerging in football.Paul Pogba is ahead of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in this list.he is just 23 years old and he take responsibilities for his team.he agree deals with Adidas.

3.                            Virat Kohli :

                                                               Country  : India
                                                               Sport : Cricket
                                                               Age : 27
                                                               in the cricket no doubt he is best to choose as most marketable athlete in the world.he is doing great job for Indian cricket and now he is a Indian cricket test  team's captain.he has deals with company like Adidas, TVS ,MRF ,Tasso and he is also playing For Royal Challenger Bangalore.he is in the form of his life now a days.

4.                            Jordan Spieth:

                                                              Country : America
                                                              Sport : Golf
                                                              Age : 22

                                                               another young star in this list.Under Armour made a ten-year deal in 2015with him and especially to a brand like Under Armour, still finding its way in the sport and looking for a safe bet to guide it in.he has other brands like AT & T, Rolex, Netjets,Titleist.he is called as golden boy in Golf.''

5.                          Anthony Josua:

                                                                Country : Britain
                                                                Sport : Boxing
                                                                Age : 26
                                                                won gold medal in 2012 Olympics. He has deals with Under Armor, StubHub, RDX Sports, ORS Hydration Tablets . He is 5th most marketable athlete in the world.

6.                          Kei Nishikori:

                                                               Country : Japan
                                                               Sport : Tennis
                                                               Age : 26
                                                              Nishikori capable of beating anyone in tennis he won medal in Olympics now he remains to win is grand slam. By looking at his form these days he is capable of it.he has these companies in his bag :Uniqlo, Jaguar, Adidas, Weider, Wilson, Asahi, Nissan, Tag Heuer.
if he will win Major title than he will be more marketable.he is ahead of Novak Djokovic and Nadal.

7.                        Lydia Ko:

                                                              Country : New Zeland
                                                              Sport : golf
                                                              Age : 19

                                                              Only just 19  year old and she made it to this list. What a Girl!!
she won her first Major title at age of 18.key partners for her are Callaway Golf, ANZ, Evian.

8.                       Neymar:

                                                            Country :  Brazil
                                                            Sport : Soccer
                                                            age : 24
                                                            it's a surprise not to see him in top 3 in this list he is most talented player in this young generation. He won gold medal in Rio in his home Country made him even bigger star with combination of football skill and coolness he will draw brand and crowd towards him. He has deal with companies like Nike, Panasonic, Claro, Volkswagen, Rexona, Gillette.

9.                      Messy Franklin:

                                                           Country : America
                                                           Sport : Swimming
                                                           Age : 21

                                                           another sensation of sport world. she is a super women. when she won four gold medal in London Olympics when she was just in school, she became most demand in Olympian. she  had deal with Speedo, Wheaties, GoPro.

10.                    Mikaela Shiffrin:

                                                         Country : America
                                                         Sport : Skiing
                                                         Age : 21

                                                         Mikaela Shiffrin won all five World Cup slalom races she competed in this season, taking her career total tally to an impressive 20. She has deals with Atomic, Oakley, Barilla, Longines, Red Bull.                 
                                             Cristiano Ronaldo is in the 35th place in this list. Usain Bolt is in 31th place. Lionel Messi is in 27th place. Lewis Hemilton is in the 25th place.