Saturday, 12 November 2016

                                         Neymar Told playing alongside Coutinho is a Joy.

                                        Neymar told playing with Coutinho is a joy.Both made their debut in 2010 for International side.

                                        Coutinho is a midfielder and Many clubs are interested in signing him.PSG is linked with him.Neymar is always a star for Brazilian football team but Coutinho emerged as an another midfield Star for Brazil and played supporting role in Brazilian team. 

                                       Coutinho can be as great as Iniesta.That's Why Barcelona is trying to sign him.Neymar also believes that Coutinho might join Barcelona as a replacement for Iniesta.if This happens than Catalan Club will be Formidable

                                       Neymar Said" Playing with Coutinho is always a joy. We’ve been mates for years, and each day I think we’re made to play with each other more."

                                       This season Coutinho played too good for his club.5 goals and 5 assists in 11 games.Coutinho joined Liverpool back in January 2013 for £8.5m.

                                        Against Argentina he scored awesome solo goal Because of that Brazil was able to put a pressure on Argentina from starting of the game.    

                                        Barcelona is on the move to sign Filipe Coutinho.


           Fernando Alonso picks Lionel Messi over Cristiano Ronaldo as world best footballer.Fernando Alonso is a huge fan of Real Madrid so Many people expected he chooses Cristiano Ronaldo as world best footballer.

                                         but he chooses Lionel Messi over Cristiano Ronaldo as world's Best Footballer.he also revealed that he was a huge admirer of  Barcelona star Lionel Messi.

                                         Speaking in a promotional event at Argentina, Alonso even admitted to going to Camp Nou to watch Messi play.

                                         He said that He is a big fan of Real Madrid but Messi is the best player in the world.He wants to go Camp Nou just to Watch Messi.

                                        He really likes another Argentina player Fernando Gago.  
                                       ENGLAND            -                SCOTLAND

                                             3                                                    0

                                  England defeated Scotland 3-0.Daniel Sturridge, Adam Lallana and Gary Cahill scored for england win over Scotland.

                                   Enlgand claim top spot in the table with with 10 points, two ahead of Slovenia, who registered a 1-0 win away at Malta.

                                        FRANCE                 -                     SWEDEN
                                               2                        -                           1

                                    France came back in the game from 1 goal down and won a game 2-1.

                                    Sweden took a lead in the game in the 55th minute on a goal by Emil Forsberg but they couldn't held a lead for long time.                                    

                                    Two goals in seven minutes by Paul Pogba and Dimitri Payet to win 2-1 and retain the lead in Group A with 10 points.

                                    Sweden is second with seven points, three ahead of the Netherlands, who visit Luxembourg on  Sunday.

                                       GERMANY               -                 SAN MARIO
                                               8                                                   0

                                      Germany hammered San Mario 8-0.They claimed 12 points out of 12.They top a group.
                                     .Northan Ireland is in second place.Azerbaijan is in third place.Northan Ireland has better gd.    
                                       CZECH REPUBLIC     -                       NORWAY

                                               2                                                         1     

                                       Two points back are the Czech Republic, 2-1 winners Friday over Norway,     

                                          POLAND                          -                        ROMANIA

                                                 3                                                                0 

                                        Robert Lewandowski scored twice in Poland's 3-0 victory over Romania. The Poles move up to 10 points and first place in Group E.

                                         Montenegro, with seven points, is at the second spot.Denmark is in third place.

                                                 World Record Held By Messi


Most Number Of goals Scored in a Calendar Year

                              In 2012 Messi Scored 91 goals in a calendar year.In 2012 Messi achieve this feat.Messi scored 61 goals in that season,13 in the UEFA Champions League, 7 in international friendlies, 3 in the Copa del Rey,5 in World Cup qualifying matches, 2 in Supercup of Spain, taking his tally to an incredible 91 goals in a single year.


Messi scored against every team in the league(19 teams):


                              Messi scored against all the 19 teams continuously in the League even scoring against arch rivals Real Madrid twice during that run.That was the best for Messi.It was a remarkable to score against every team in the league.This shows how great he is!!

Most FIFA Ballon d'Or Award(5 times):


                             5 FIFA Ballon d'Or award won by Messi which is more than any other player in the Football history.This year also he is favorite to win this prestigious award.He will win more Ballon d'Or.He can play this kind of football for next 5 or six years.So who might know he will win more.

The only footballer to score 60+ goals in all competitions in 2 consecutive seasons

                             Messi scored 60+ goals in a 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 season.After this two season, everybody considers him as a football great of this generation.Now he is the same level as Maradona and Pele but people recognize this thing when he will win a most prestigious award of a football-Worldcup.  

Most FIFA Club World Cup Golden Balls (2)

                             Messi won a Golden ball in 2009 and 2011 in FIFA Club World Cup.Barcelona won this competition 3 times most by any club.This competition start in 2005. 

Youngest player to win Ballon d'Or Four times:

                            Messi won Ballon d'Or 2008 to 2012 four in a row.No, another player has achieved this feat before.

Most appearances in top 3 for FIFA ballon d'Or award race(9):

                           Messi selected 9 times in top 3 in a race for this award.He beat Ronaldo which is appeared 8 times.Messi is in top 3 since 2007 to 2015.

Only player in history to score 40+ goals in 7 consecutive seasons:

                            Messi has scored 40+ goals since 2009-10 season.After that season he is developed into a great player.everyone recognize him as a monster with a little body.This record show he is an alien.

Most appearances in FIFAPro World XI : 9 times leveled with Cristiano Ronaldo

Friday, 11 November 2016

                              MESSI REACHES 500 GOALS FOR BARCELONA


                             Messi scored a 500 goals for his team in game against Sevilla. What a Performance by him. He is great in every aspect of this game. In assisting,goalscoring,create chances for teammates,accurate in passes.He can play as a striker, as a midfielder,as a winger. He can play every where in the football field.


                                        Messi is now a fairly staggering 105 goals ahead of second all-time top scorer Paulino Alcantara.

                                        First goal Vs Albacete 



                                         Messi's first senior goal for the La Liga giants came when he was just a tousle-haired 17-year-old without tattoos, against lowly Albacete in May 2005.Assisting by another legend Ronaldinho.

                                         100 Goals vs Sevilla

                                         The Argentine prodigy took less than five years to get his century.

                                         The big 100 came against Sevilla in a 4-0 drubbing at the Nou Camp. Somewhat less spectacular than many of his others, Messi still netted twice in five minutes during the one-sided encounter.

                                          200 Goals vs Velencia

                                         Released beyond the back line at break neck speed, he leaves the defender for dead, before toying with the keeper and executing the coolest of dinks into the back of the net. 

                                          300 Goals vs granada

                                          Messi scored his number 300 goal with right foot shot.That was a quick reaction by Messi.He reached to a ball first than any other player and put it into a net.

                                          400 Goals vs Velencia
                                          Second time Messi reached this kind of Mark against same team.

                                         500 Goals vs Sevila 

                                         I think Messi like to score against tough opponent.He scored wonderful curve shot goal against Sevilla.




                     Messi frustrated with loss against Brazil


                             Barcelona superstar is in anger after their Thursday night loss against Brazil.Messi was not in a good mood after his Barcelona teammate side Thrashed his team 3-0.

                             Messi said,"we must change this s**t.We must forget this match and prepare well for the next. We depend on us."

                             After Messi's retirement Argentina struggling in FIFA Qualification round but he took back his decision and he returned in Argentina shirt.

                             Now Brazil is way ahead than any other team in CONMEBOL table while Uruguay is in second place.Argentina failed to win any game from their last four encounters.Now they are in huge trouble.

                            There are seven games to play for Argentina in Qualification.In next game, they will face Columbia.This will be must win a game for them.

                            Only four teams will automatically  qualify  for the World Cup In South America.Argentina is in sixth place in CONMEBOL table.From now on they have to win every game.

CONMEBOL TABLE:                     


                         Bayern Munich manager Carlo Ancelotti predict next two great players

                             Bayern Munich Manager Made a huge comment on Who can replace Messi and Ronaldo.Ancelotti gives two young players name : Dayabala and Neymar.he told that these two players are capable of reaching the same level as Messi and Ronaldo.Messi and Ronaldo dominating football world in last 8 years.

                            Messi and Ronaldo are two best players of this generation and Messi is the same level as Maradona and Pele.Many football pundits believe in future No one will come as a talented and a great player like them.they both are great of these generations.This is Messi has  upper hand On Ballon d'Or award.    

                            he told that Dayabala will be a great player for Juventus and make a history in next 10 years.Dayabala is a different kind of player.He is not a comparable to anyone. Dayabala scored four goals in this season and hailed as a football star for next generation.

                             While Neymar is a successor of Messi in Barcelona.He is already a superstar for Brazil and Barcelona.He Scored 48 goals fo Brazil and 30 assists.He is already on the FIFA Ballon d'Or list.Last year he was in third place.

                            Neymar and Dybala will have a long way to go if they are to match anything that Messi or Ronaldo have achieved in their careers so far.Against Argentina. Neymar gave a great performance he scored on goal and played a vital role in the game.

                            Neymar and Dayabala will be great players for their club and country.Now Messi has a wonderful player Who could be a great player and win a world cup with him,Dayabala.
Dayalbala has been linked with a big-money move to Real Madrid.


Thursday, 10 November 2016

                                    Liverpool,Manchester united,Arsenal,Tottenham Hotspur and rest of EPL team prepare for January Transfer Window.

                                    Manchester United is ready to take back its old player.Andre Pereira is open to cutting short his loan spell at Granada to bolster Manchester United’s squad in January.Last season he played 11 games for Manchester United but this season he joined with Spanish club Granada with long term deal.

                                    Now Manchester United is ready to take back him,He is ready to come back to his old club.

                                    While Rooney is not interested in Chine offer.Luo Ning chairman of Chinese Super League club Beijing Guoan offered a Rooney a good deal but Rooney rejected it.

                                    Rooney said,"he want to play in EPL as long as he is fit".

                                    Manchester United is also interested in signing of Micheal Keane.Micheal Keane just left Old Trafford but a loss of too many games Jose Marinho wants a more talented player in the team.


                                        Chealse News: Is  Cesc Fabregas  leaving chelsea ??? than which club he will join .rumored said,"He is making his move to Waste Ham".Chelsea are even ready to subsidise Fabregas’s £160,000-a-week wages in order to move him out in January.


                                         "Gomes is not interested for Barcelona move",Gomes's father said.This is a good news for Man united fans.
                                          The Gomes’s father, insists his son is focused on making the breakthrough at Old Trafford.
                                           “The important thing is that Angel continues to have all this pleasure in playing football,” he told A Bola.
                                           “I don’t deny that many clubs ask me about him, but that’s what he always says... the next dream is to play for Manchester United’s first team, a club where he has been growing.”
                                  BRAZIL      3         -          ARGENTINA        0

                                 NEYMAR 45'+1'
                                 PAULINHO 58'

                                 Brazil thrashed Argentina 3-0 in American Nations Classico.Brazil gave a dominating performance against Argentina.Messi is unbaled to score any goals.His return was a boost for Argentina but Argentina fails to Win a game.

                                 Now Argentina is in a great trouble if they can't win their next game again Columbia.They must have to win this game against Columbia.

                                    One of the great from three football players in this game,Messi couldn't help his team to win a game.

                                    A  Battle between two Barcelona superstar Neymar and Messi in this classic,Neymar's team played well against Messi's  Argentina.

                                    Now,Brazil is undefeated in their last five games in Qualifiers.

                                    25' wonderful play by Fallip Cutinho,What a remarkable play,Argintain Defenders were hopeless against him.he dribbled from 30 yard and hit a ball from outside penalty area.Shoot a ball into the net of Argentina.What a goal!!


                                       45+1'extra time goal from Neymar, Brazil's wonderfully passed aball to Neymar and Neymar easily put a ball into right side of a net,no Argeentina defender is aaround him.slopy play by Argentina.


                                       58' Polhinho Scored a goal for Brazil.Marcelo's cross pass into Argentina's penalty area, a ball Taken by Brazil's number 8 and he passed a ball to open man Polinho And he scored a goal with fierce shot.

                                       Not much from Argentina in this game.It was all about Brazil in the game.

                                      Messi and costar are an deep trouble in Qualification of Russia 2018.

                                      Brazil finished off the rout and maintained its one-point lead atop the CONMEBOL table over Uruguay–a 2-1 winner over Ecuador on Thursday–with 24 points from 11 matches.
                                      Now Argentina is 1 point behind Chili and Eqaudore and three points behind Third place Columbia if they will win their game against Columba They will be in Top five.

                                      Cutinho stole a show from Messi and Neymar with Amazing solo goal.  


Wednesday, 9 November 2016


                     10/11/2016 : Brazil v Argentina, 3.45am


                                    Two South American nations colliding with each other in South America World Cup Qualifying match.This will be a great match between two great nations in football.

                                         Argentina is top in FIFA ranking while Brazil has too many talented young players.Brazil is emerging as a great football team because of they have players like Neymar,Coutinho,David Luis,Marcello,Rafinha.Argentina has players like Messi,Mascherano,Aguero,Dayabala,Zabaleta.This will be a great match between experience and youth.

                                         Argentina is in the sixth position in South American World Cup qualifying.and Brazil is in top position.    

                                           Barcelona's striker and friends Messi and Neymar Facing each other in qualifying round.
                                           Without Messi,Argentina lost one and drew two of their last three games, a run of results that saw them fall off the pace.Without Messi, Argentina is suffering in the qualifying round.Now Messi is in a great form they will bounce back in the qualifying round

                                           Brazil is in a great form,They defeated Bolivia and Venezuela last month.They defeated Venezuela 5-0.Another Barcelona star also in a great form for his club.Now he is aiming to do same for his country.

                                          A return of Messi is a boost for Argentina.Top four team automatically qualify for World Cup in Russia while fifth no team has to face playoffs.   

                                           In other matches on Thursday, second-placed Uruguay meet third-placed Ecuador in Montevideo while fourth-placed Colombia takes on fifth-placed Chile in Barranquilla.

                                           Chile’s preparations have been jolted by a late injury to striker Alexis Sanchez. The Arsenal star suffered a muscle strain during training in Santiago.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

                                     Cristiano Ronaldo's new Real Madrid contract is worth £400,000 a week after tax pay.

                                    He extended his contract with Real Madrid for 5 years.Real Madrid wants to keep him until his retirement.Real Madrid Trusted Cristiano Ronaldo.


                                        Real issued a statement on Sunday, which read: "The official event for the renewal of Cristiano Ronaldo's contract will take place tomorrow, Monday 7 November at 1:30pm in the presidential box at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium.

                                        "The Portuguese forward will extend his contract until 30 June 2021 at the event attended by club president Florentino Pérez and the player himself."

                                         Ronaldo wants to end his career with Los Blancos, claiming he is planning to continue playing until the end of his career.

                                          Bale signed a 6-year contract with Real Madrid worth of £187 million.
Ronaldo Said in Interview,"I'm happy here and want to stay here, but this will not be my last deal in football."  

                                         Luca Modric and Toni Kroos both renewed their contract with Real Madrid.

                                         Ronaldo is very happy with this contract extension and he is now aiming to make a new record and want to break goal scoring record set by Lionel Messi.

                                         Ronaldo wants to play until he is 41 and Di Stefano told him that "continue like this champion,You are greatest."

                                         He told that"he wants to keep making history and he will score more goals and he will win more trophies with the club he is playing for."

                                        He also told that"he wants to finish his career at Bernabeu."

Can Ronaldo will finish his career at Real Madrid??

Will Ronaldo be a top scorer in La Liga.   


Messi should win Ballon d’Or this year

                                            After a game against Sevilla,Barcelona star Lionel Messi hailed everywhere  because of his match-winning performance against Sevilla.he was in great touch in a match against Sevilla.

                                           Messi has named some record on his name in this year.In last season He topped a table with most assist in La Liga with 26 assists and also in Copa del Rey Tournament he was leading goal scorer and  with most assist they won a title.Messi played an important role for them in Copa Del Rey.

                                            He scored 41 goals in 49 matches in La Liga last season.Messi created so many chances for his not just about scoring goals but also about how many chances created because of you?Messi does that thing very well in last season.Barca Trio scored 131 goals together.

                                            This season Messi is in great form.He scored 16 goals and 8 assists in all competition.

                                            He led Argentina to a Copa America final.He created so many chances for Argentina but his teammates made mistakes and they lost.They could win a game when Chili had played with 10 players.Argentina had a great chance.

                                            Most of the opponents were blown away by a very dominant Argentina team. In the group stages, they were drawn with Chile the holders of the competition, the team that famously beaten them in the final a year ago.

                                            Messi managed to score 6 goals and 6 assists in the Copa America.One goal away from winning golden ball.He played incredible in the Copa America.

                                            Barcelona won two trophies last season and Messi was a hero in Both Championships.Barcelona continued their incredible dominance in the Spanish game last season by winning both the La Liga and the Copa del Rey under Luis Enrique. This was their 6th title win in the last 8 seasons.

                                             Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid only managed to win one each in that time period which is remarkable. Lionel Messi is without a doubt the most important signing in Barcelona’s history considering the amount of success he has brought them ever since he began playing for the first team.

                                             Messi does well in this season.He played with more consistency than any other player in this season.  



Sunday, 6 November 2016

                            REAL MADRID                  VS                   LEGANES

                                     3                                                                  0
                            Bale  38' , 45' + 1'
                            Morata 76'

                            Garath Bales brace and Morata's second half goal secured Real Madrid's top spot in La Liga.

                             38' Garath Bale scored a wonderful goal.Bale run toward a ball wich is wonderfully passed by Isco put Leganes Defender behind from bale.Bale took pass wonderfully and made a fool of goalkeeper rounded  Jon Serantes and easily put a ball into a net from tight angle

                             45' + 1' Extra time goal from Bale and Brace for him.once again Bale step up for Real Madrid.Kroos free kick is headed by Varane then Morata plays it across goal.Bale put a ball into a net . Jon Serantes tried to stop it but he failed.

                             76' great solo play by Morata.Modric passed a ball to Morata,Morata took that pass very well.He left two defenders behind with great touch and put a ball into a net with curl shot.

                             Now Real Madrid is 5 points ahead of Barcelona and 6 points ahead of Athletico Madrid.Barcelona has one game in hand.

                              A great news for Real Madrid is Luca Modric is returned from Injury.He is a vital player for Madrid.

                              Real Madrid will face Athletico Madrid after International game And They will face Barcelona on 3rd December.

                              Ronaldo didn't score in a game but he did well.

                             Gareth Bale has scored three goals in his last two Real Madrid appearances after his new contract with Real Madrid.       

                                  REAL SOCIEDAD       VS             ATHLETICO MADRID
                                  Vela 54'
                                  Da Silva 75'      

                                  Atletico Madrid missed a chance to go on top of La Liga.

                                  Now Athletico Madrid 6 points behind Real Madrid and 1 point behind Barcelona but Barca has one game in hand.Atletico Madrid's chance to win La Liga title is look like dream.6 points in La Liga is too big.

                                  Real Sociedad is in sixth position in La Liga table with 19 points in 11 games.They are doing great.Now they are threat for  top tier teams in La Liga.

                                  First half went without scoring for both sides.first half was very tight. 

                                 54' Gabi had tripped Yuri Berchiche and penalty conceded by Athletico Madrid.Carlos Vela scored first goal for Real Sociedad in54 minute.He scored from penalty spot.

                                  74' another penalty for Real Sociedad.Vela was  brought down in the area by Angel Correa which allowed Willian Jose to double the lead.Most formidable team in defence gave two penalty in one games that was really disaster for Atletico Madrid.

                                  Athletico Madrid lost their two games From last three games.Atletico are fourth in the table with 21 points from 11 games.

                                  Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone said he had no excuses and his team had been deservedly beaten in Saturday's 2-0 La Liga defeat at Real Sociedad.

                              Simeone said,"we never look for exuses "

                              " We have been four years playing Wednesday and Sunday. We play whenever we have to, that's it. Real Sociedad prepared very well for the game and played an excellent second half. They deserved their victory." 

                               "We played a good first half with big chances to score, above all Gameiro's," Simeone said. "You could see that the team was doing well. In the second half, Real Sociedad began better and from the first penalty the team could not find a path back for an equaliser. We will try to keep improving, while congratulating our opponent."

                                 He sail,"we depend on team not on one is true that we finding difficult time in away games."

                                 Athletico Coach Diego Simeone is too positive.It is good for them and for a team.He is a very good coach.