Tuesday, 6 December 2016

                            Barcelona         4                     vs                     Monchengladbach       0

                          Adra Turan shines in a UCL game against Monchengladbach.Barcelona got their first win after three consecutive draws in all coompition.Messi had a chance to break a most goals in UCL group stage which is hold by Cristiano Ronaldo,11 goals in Group stages but Messi failed to do it in a game.

                          Last week in El Classico in a last minute they held back by Sergio Ramos,Barccelona nearly got a win but they fail to do it when Ramos scored a last minute header goal.

                          16' minute Messi scored first goal for Barcelona which was setup by Turan.Messi run from outside of penalty area passed a ball to Adra Turan and Turan gave a ball back to Messi in penalty area.Messi made no mistake and put a ball into back of net with his left footed shot.No chance for Monchengladbach defence.

                         51' minute Adra Turan was open in a box ,no one around him when Denish Saurez provide an assist for Adra which was deflected by Monchenglabach Defender and Adra scored a goal with header.

                        53' minnute Adra scored second goal for Catalan club,Messi played a good role in this goal.He gave a wonderful pass to his teammate and he gave a cross pass to Adra in a box,this goal was just like messi scored in a first half.Adra's powerful rightfooted shot went into a net.3rd for Barca.

                         67' minute Hattrick for Adra Turan,Alcacer provied an assist to Adra for his hat trick but before that Rafinha passed a ball to Alcacer.Once again Adra was totally open in a box,no one marking him.    

                         Adra Turan made his contribution in all for goals.In this game everyone's eye was on Messi if he could break 11 goals in a group stage of UCL hold by Ronaldo but he failed to do so and Adra steals a show scoring a hat trick in a game from Messi.

                        Barcelona made another record for Most passes in UCL ,993 passes in a game.A very good news for Andres played a very good game.

                        Now Barcelona and Man. City qualified for Last 16 in a group stage of UCL.Barcelona Top a group with 15 points while Man. City held by Celtic in another game.

2Manchester City6+29
3Borussia Monchengladbach6-75