Saturday, 31 December 2016

                     Cavaliers(25-7)                        vs                         Hornets(19-15)

                      1   2   3   4   TOT

Cavaliers     35362822121

                           Lebron James and Co.won a  game against Hornets at Home of Hornets.Lebron James and Kavin Love scored 32 and 28 points.Both players are in a great form this season.

                           Kyrie Irving is out of a game due to Hamstring Injury . No Kyrie Irving in this game for Cavs but it didn't effect a Cavs winning run.In a last game against Boston Celtics Kyrie Irving and Kavin Love scored a double double for Cavs.They won a game with 124 to 188 points.Lebron James , Kavin Love and Kyrie Irving are the only three players averaging over 22 points in the same team.

                           Kavin Love and Kyrie Irving became only fourth duo to score a double double in a same game.

                           Hornets won their 5 games out of last six and won a five games in a row at Home but Cavaliers didn't face any problem to defeat them.

                          For Hornets Kamba Walker was too good in a game but it was not enough to win a game against Lebron James and Cavs.

                          For Cavs Lebron james scored 32 points , 6 rebounds , 9 assists , and 1 steal and Also Lebron James made 4 three-pointers in a game.He is doing a great job out side of a two point area in recent games.He scored 4 three-pointers in a last game against Celtics.Kavin Love scored 28 points , 10 rebounds in a game while Jordan McRae scored 20 points , 4 rebounds 1 assist.he was on fire in a game where he got a role as a starter point guard in a absence of Kyrie Irving.Thompson scored 11 points , 6 rebounds ,and 1 steal.DeAndre Liggins scored 4 points , 2 rebounds , 3 assists and 1 steal.

                          Kay Falder scored 13 points , 2 assists , 2 steals and made 1 block.

                         For Hornets Kamba Walker scored 37 points , 5 points , 5 assists in a game and he Became a second highest scorer for Hornets.From Bench for Hornets Frank Kaminsky was the Hornets' second leading scorer with 15 points and 5 rebounds.Nicolas Batum Scored 13 points , 6 rebounds , 8 assists and 2 blocks.Marvin Williams scored 10 points , 4 rebounds , 1 assist , 1 steal and 2 blocks.Cody Zeller scored 6 points , 3 rebounds , 1 assist , 1 block.Jeremy Lamb made 7 points , 2 rebounds , 4 assists , 1 steal and 1 block.

                       Hornet side did a great job in defence but they couldn't held Cavs from winning a game.Now Cavs Lead a series with 3-0 and 1 game remaining where they will play each other in March.Charlotte Hornets lost last 5 games to Cavs.

                       Cavs ended a year with a win over Charlotte Hornets and with 25 wins and 7 losses.





Wednesday, 28 December 2016

                                          OKC (20-12)                 VS                  HEAT(10-12)

19292125       94

                                         Another outstanding game for Russel Westbrook ,15th Triple Double for Russ.He is now 3 Triple Double from his last season's 18 Triple Double Record.Dion Waiters and Goran Dragic missing a game due to this OKC controlled a game from a start.

                                             Westbrook averaging a Triple Double This season and if He continues this kind of Performance he will finish  a season with Triple Double After Robertson in 1961.

                                                  Enes Kanter and Alex Abrinas continue a great inside and outside Chemistry.Abrinas was a best 3-point shooter in a game for OKC.

                                                 Heat missed a their leading scorer Goran Dragic in a game.

                                                OKC Thunder took a lead of 13 points in first half.Stevens Adams and Enes Kanter had  a very good game , They both dominated a Heat inside a paint scoring 15 and 19 points and grabbing 8 rebounds each.Abrines hit a 4 3-pointers out of 7 .

                                                 The Thunder outscored 20-12 on heat's 17-5 on second Chance opportunies , and outscored in a paint with 58 - 32 .also out Rebounded Heat with 14 more Rebounds.   

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                                                OKC won a game with 106 -  94.


For OKC starter 

                                          Russel Westbrook made 29 points , 17 rebounds , 11 assists.

                                          Andre Roberson made 1 point , 3 rebounds , 1 assist.

                                          Domantas Sabonis made 6 points , 5 rebounds , 1 steal.

                                          Steven Adams made 15 points , 8 rebounds , 1 assist , 2 block.

                                         Anthony Morrow scored 9 points , 1 assists.

OKC's bench player

                                         Alex Abrinas scored 14 points , 2 rebounds , 1 block.

                                         Enes Kanter scored 19 points , 8 rebounds , 2 assists , 1 steal.

                                         Jerami Grant made 10 points , 1 assist , 1 block.

                                         Lauvergne made 3 points , 2 rebounds .  1 assist.

                                         Christon made 1 rebound , 3 assist.

                                         Kyle singler made 1 steal.

For Heat starter.

                                        Justise Winslow made 7 points ,  3 rebounds ,  5 assist , 2 steal , 1 block.

                                        Derrick Williams made 9 points , 2 rebounds , 1 steal.

                                         Hassan Whiteside made 12 points , 8 rebounds , 1 assist , 2 steals.

                                       Rodney made 7 points , 1 rebound , 1 assist.

                                       Josh Richardson scored 22 points , 5 rebounds , 3 assist , 1 steal.

Heat's Bench Players

                                       James Johnson scored 16 points , 5 rebouds , 2 assist , 2 steals , 
                                       Willie Reed scored 6 points , 6 rebounds , 2 block.

                                       Tyler Johnson made 15 points , 2 rebounds , 2 assists , 1 steal , 1 block.

                                       Wayne Ellington made 1 steal.


Sunday, 25 December 2016

               CAVS                      VS                        GSW

         1       2          3       4       Total
Warriors         27      28     32      21108
Cavaliers         25      27     28      29109

                                   What a Game just like a last seasons' NBA finals game 7 , clutch shot by Kyrie Irving in that game and once again another game another clutch shot by kyrie Irving with just 3.4 second remaining.A great performance by Labron James and Kyrie Irving.

                                    A rematch of Last years NBA finals and 2015 NBA finals.Two best team in the NBA face each other first time in a season and they didn't disappointed NBA fans , A great game to watch.

                                  First team was on scoreboard is GSW Kavin Durant stole a ball from Lebron James and scored on a Fast brake.

                                 In a first half 4 :50 remaining Cavin Duarant dunk on  Kavin Love with authority but Love recover quickly and passed a ball to James and James hammer a glass with Dunk.Cavs gave a response with dunk on GSW's' Kavin Durant's Dunk.

                               2nd Quarter 1.8 sec remaining Zaza Pachulia's shot blocked by James.In a first half GSW took a lead of 3 points.Both team were matching each other in every field.

                              In a 3rd quarter Lebron James hit a three 3-pointers in just 3 minutes.4th quarter 9:25 minutes remaining in a game where GSW took a lead of 14 points this lead put a silent in a Cleveland Arena.Richard Jafferson Dunked on a Kavin Durant with a left hand when 9:22 minute remain in the 4th quarter.

                             Cavs made a huge come back in 4th quarter outscoring GSW , 9-0 in 2:45 minutes.Another Dunk from Jafferson on Klay Thompson  with his right Hand.Another authority dunk from Cavs players time remain in 4th quarter 4:11.

                             Kyrie Irving equal a game with Fake drives on Durant and scores with his left hand Game tied at 103-103 2:20 minutes remain in the last quarter.

                             1:43 Kyrie Irving to James ,James hammer a glass with another thunderous Dunk on GSW and drew a foul and took a lead but with curry's 3-pointers GSW took a lead of 3 points.


                            Shot Clock violation for GSW in a last minute and they paid a price for that.Kyrie Irving drive out Thompson , He spins and puts up a shot and scored a 2 points with a match winning clutch shot.

                           GSW called  a time out ,3.4 second remaining in a game , Irving did it again to the Super team GSW.Igodoula passed a ball to Durant , Durant fall down on a Flor ,No come back for GSW.Jafferson put a pressure very well on Durant.     

                           In a game Cleveland Cavaliers put a great defensive performance specially Kyrie Irving steals a ball 7 times a career high for him.

                          GSW were not good enough in Defensive play.

For Cavs Starter

                        Labron James scored 31 points , 13 rebounds , 4 assists , 2 steals , 1 block.

                        Kyrie Irving scored 25 points , 6 rebounds , 10 assists , 7 steals.

                        Kavin Love scored 20 points , 6 rebounds , 3 assists , 1 steals.

                       Triston Thompson scored 8 points , 8 rebounds , 1 steals.

                        DeAndre Ligginds made 2 rebounds , 1 assists , 2 steals.

Cavs' Bench players scored 25 points.

For GSW starter

                       Kavin Durant made 36 points , 15 rebounds , 3 assists , 1 steal , 1 block.

                       Stephen Curry scored 15 points , 3 rebounds , 3 steals , 3 assists.

                       Klay Thompson scored 24 points , 2 rebounds , 1 assists , 1 steal , 1 block.

                      Zaza Pachulia made 4 points , 5 rebounds , 1 assist.

                      Drymond Green made 16 points , 5 rebounds , 5 assists , 1 steal.    

GSW  bench players scored only 13 points compared to Cavs 25 points.


While ATHLETICO MADRID FACE LAS PALMAS IN LAST 16 OF COPA DEL REY.                             

                                 Copa Del Rey Holder Barcelona face Fimiliar face Athletico Bilbao  in last of Copa Del Rey After Friday's Draw paired the sides together.

                                 Barca will go to San Mames for the first leg in the first week in January before hosting the Basque side in the return at the Camp Nou a week later.

                                 Barcelona have beaten Athletic Bilbao in three Copa del Rey finals in the last eight seasons.

                                 Real Madrid will face tough opponent in Copa del Rey Last 16.They will face Sevilla Who is in third place in La Liga just 1 point behind Barcelona at Santiago Barnabeu.

                                .Athletico Madrid will face Las Palmas in Copa del Rey in round of 16.


       GSW                                    @                                     CAVS

                                                GSW are Favourite to win a game in this Showdown but they have in mind that they blew up 3-1 lead in Last season's NBA  Finals against Cavs.

                                               An Arrival of Kavin Durant give a huge boost to GSW Now they have player like Lebron James in their team who can change tempo of a game on his own.

                                               GSW has now 27 win and only 4 losses in NBA this season.They are in a Great form.

                                              Cavs are also in a great form , They have 22 wins and just 6 losses of the season.

                                             GSW has a upper hand in a game but if Cavs players play at their best and Every thing fall into their Basket then Not even GSW have a chance to stop them.Lebron has a great skill of a Point Guard.He always play as a small forward for Cavs but he is doing great  in Every Field.He has a great sense of a game.He’s as aggressive as ever while running the offence like a point guard; you can practically feel his intelligence on every possession, as if the smartest player in the league somehow got smarter.

                                             Meanwhile Kyrie Irving is now Playing like a Primary scorer for Cavs.He is now free from his duty as a point guard.He can Destroy with his great dribbling skill and attacking the basket with freakish precision. 

                                            This two players creates  a huge space for other players and Kavin Love now playing as a supporting role and Big threes of Cavs now scoring nearly same points in every game.

                                              Cavs has to improve only shooting % of JR Smith  he is a shooting Guard for Cavs but this season he is off beat from his best.

                                              Triston Thompson is doing a great job on a Glass.Cavs Has a good started.



                                            GSW is a good offensive team but they are not good in physical presence in a game while Cavs team has a great physical present in a game.GSW lost Bogut , Ezily , Speights to acquire Kavin Durant.

                                            In GSW team Drymond Green is goon in everything , he is defending well and he is a good in attacking, also in assisting .Igauduola is doing same job as Drymond from a bench 

                                              This season Cavs are no longer a team anyone can beat easily.Now this time it's between a super or invincible team and a confident team who can beat anyone at anywhere.Now Cavs has calibre of a championship winning team.