Thursday, 12 January 2017

                Cavaliers(28-10)                       vs                   Trailblazers(18-23)

Cavs Lost their two games in a row.

                Q1  Q2  Q3  Q4  Total  

Cavs        20  21    20    25   86

Portland 27  22     24    29  102

                        Cavs lost second game in a row. Before this game both teams endured weather related travel issue, Game started late because of heavy snow in Portland Trailblazer.

                         Portland Trailblazer outscored Cavs in every quarter. Until a first half Portland took a lead of 8 points.

Kyrie Irving scored only 11 points in a game with 25 field goal % and CJ McCollum scored 27 points for Trailblazer.

                         Once again a very bad game for Cavs in shooting percentage. From 82 field goal Cavs' players made only 28 with 34.1% field goal and in three point shooting Cavs played had a very bad game. They made only 9 3-pointers from 30 with 30% field goal shooting in 3-pointer.

                         Kay Felder made 0 field goal from 6 and he only scored 2 points , 2 rebounds , 3 assists , 1 steals. Kay Felder had 0 field goal percentage in a game.

                        Kyrie Irving also missed too many shots in a game. He scored with only 25 field goal percentage. Kyle Korver and Liggings made 20% field goal.

                        Portland Trailblazer scored in a game with 43% field goal with scoring on 40 from 93. They also had a better Percentage shooting in 3-pointers than Cavs with 33.3%.

                       Portland Trailblazer outscored Cavs in assists , They made 29 assists compared to Cavs 14. Portland Trailblazer grabbed 51 rebounds while Cavs grabbed 48 rebounds.


                       Portland Trailblazer had 9 Turnover while Cavs had 15 turnover. In This game Portland Trailblazer outscored Cavs in every field.   

                         For Cavs Lebron james scored 20 points , 11 rebounds , 4 assists , 1 steal , 1 block. Kevin Love scored 17 points , 8 rebounds , 1 assist. Kyrie Irving scored only 11 points , 3 rebounds , 1 assist , 2 steals.

                        This is a worst game for Cavs' big-3 in scoring a point in a game. Lebron James was a highest scorer in a game wit only 20 points.

                         For Portland Allen Crabbe come off a bench and scored a huge 24 points 81.8field goal percentage missing only 2 shots from 11.CJ McCollum scored 27 points , 4 rebounds , 2 assists , 1 steal , 4 blocks. Damian Lillard scored 14 points , 3 rebounds , 3 assists. Aminu scored 11 points , 12 rebounds , 2 assists. Maurice Harkless scored 13 points , 5 rebounds , 3 assists.

                       Cavs are in a 1st position in Eastern Conference but they have fourth best record in winning games after GSW , San Antonio Spurs and Houston Rockets. All of these three teams are in Western Conference.

                        Cavs lost to 8 ranked team in Western Conference Standings.

                        Cavs had only 3 points biggest lead while Portland had 24 points biggest lead. Portland won a game with 16 points lead.

                         After a game against Cavs says they need  more practice time.  




                                                       Second Leg

                       Barcelona    3               vs          Athletic Bilbao  1            


                                                            In last 16 Copa Del Rey match Barcelona defeated Athletic Bilbao 3-1.and made it through to next round winning fixture on 4-3 aggregate.

                                                            In this game Barcelona trio Neymar , Suarez and Messi scored a goal for Barcelona.

                                                            Too many record made in this game , Suarez scored his 100 goal for Club and MSN scored 300 goals for Club from when they started to play together in 2014.

                                                             Messí's Goal against Athletic Bilbao equalled Ronald Koeman's free-kick record for Barcelona.

Luis Suarez scored 100th goal for Barcelona in a game against Athletic Bilbao.

                                                            35' minutes Barcelona scored their first goal. Suarez volleyed home from Neymar's cross at the Nou Camp to put Barcelona 1-0 up on the night and ahead in the tie on away goals with the scores level at 2-2.  

Neymar scored 1st goal of 2017.

                                                            47' minute Neymar fouled by Boveda and Referee pointed to a penalty spot. Neymar got a first goal of 2017 when he hit a ball straight into a net , Athletic Bilbao's Goalkeeper took a wrong decision and dive to a right side.

                                                           51' minute a great cross pass by Athletic Bilbao player toward post bar,And a very good header goal from Saborit Teixidor. Sargio Roberto perhaps showing some of the defencive basics but a header was absolutely brilliant. Athletic club right back in a game just after 4 minutes. and levelled a game on aggregate.

Messi scored three goals from Free Kick and equals a record with Ronald Koeman.

                                                           78' minute , This time Lionel Messi scored a goal from Free Kick. Three goals from three Free Kicks in three game for Lionel Messi. Once again Athletic Goal keeper made a mistake in decision he thought Messi shoot a ball in his old fashion style towards a right corner of a net but he misled it ,Messi shoot a ball to a left side of a net just over Pique and Sergio Busquet.

                                                          Once again Messi saves Barcelona when needed most. he saved Barcelona when he scored a 90th minute Free Kick goal in a game against Villarreal and Levelled a game to 1-1. This he scored from Free Kick and put Barcelona ahead in a fixture and and put Barcelona into a next round.     

                                                          Now  Barcelona are in Copa Del Rey Quarter Final.

                                                         Suarez is the third-fastest player to reach 100 goals for Barcelona, with only Mariano Martin took 99 games and Hungarian striker Laszlo Kubala took 103 games to reach this achievement having taken fewer appearances to reach the landmark.
It took Lionel Messi 188 games to reach 100 goals for Barca.              

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

                      Spurs(30-8)                  vs             Milwaukee Bucks(19-18)


             Q1  Q2  Q3  Q4  Total  
Spurs    23   36   30   18    107

Bucks   23   30   30   26    109

                      Bucks defeated Spurs in a very Close game.Until a fourth quarter Spurs had a upper hand on a game.

                      Michael Beasley Made a huge impact on a Game coming off a bench , he Scored 22 points of his total 28 points in the second half. Giannis played only 7 minutes in a game due to illness, Beasley stepped up to fill the void for Milwaukee.

                     Ginobili's missed an open clutch 3-pointer where Kawhi Leonard made a great play and Pass a ball to Ginobili. This miss gave Bucks a win.   

                      For Spurs Kawhi Leonard scored 30 points , 7 rebounds , 2 assists , 3 blocks , 3 steals. He was solid in a game on Offence and defence. Danny Green scored 14 points , 3 rebounds , and a block. Tony Parker registered 14 points , 3 rebounds , 7 assists , 1 steal. David Lee scored 10 points , 7 rebounds , 1 assist and made 1 block. Pau Gasol registered 6 points , 11 rebounds , 4 assists.

                      Spurs bench player Davis Bertans scored 11 points , 2 assists and 1 block. Jonathon Simmons scored 14 points.

                       For Bucks Jabari Parker scored 22 points , 7 rebounds , 3 assists , 1 steal. Michael Beasley scored 28 points , 5 rebounds , 4 assists , 2 steals and block a shot 3 times. Greg Monroe scored 14 points , 9 rebounds , 4 assists. Malcolm Brogdon scored 17 points , 6 rebounds , 6 assists and 1 block.

                         GSW(33-6)                      vs                 Miami Heat(11-29)   


           Q1  Q2  Q3  Q4  Total      

GSW  27   26   26    28    107

Heat   29   25   14    27     95


                               Heat is on the 14th place in eastern conference , second last in a table and GSW is on first place In Western conference.

                               Andre Igoudala made 15 assist and no turn over for him in a last four game. 

                               heat played a good game against GSW in Auckland Arena. They played toe to toe with GSW in 1st , 2nd and 4th quarter but they outscored by GSW in 3rd quarter by 12 points.

                               Kavin Durant scored 28 points for GSW highest by player in a team. Draymond Green grabbed 9 rebounds and Curry put 9 assists for a GSW.

                               For Heat Hassan Whiteside scored 28 points and grabbed 20 rebounds. Dion Waiters registered 8 assists.

          Houston Rockets(31-9)                        vs                           Hornets(20-19)   

James Harden Scored 11th triple-double of a season and scored a triple-double with 40+ points in two games. 

               Q1  Q2  Q3  Q4  Total    

Rockets   32  35    29   25    121

Hornets   26  21    32   25    114


                                Houston Rockets 31 victory in 40 games.In a last season this time they were held a record with 19-19.Only GSW team has a better record than Rockets in match win with 33-6.                 

                                James Harden Scored 11th time triple-double this season , and Houston Rockets lost only once in his triple-double scoring games.

                               James Harden registered 11th triple-doubles of a season. Now he is in an elite league with Jordan , Pete Maravich and Russel Westbrook to score a consecutive 40+ points triple-double in two games.

                                Harden also became the first player with multiple games of 40 points, 15 rebounds and 10 assists in a single season since Oscar Robertson in 1964-65.

                                Trevor Ariza made 16 points , 4 rebounds , 3 assists , 1 steal. Ryan Anderson scored 13 points , 3 rebounds , 1 assists , 2 steals. Montrezl Harrel 14 points , 3 rebounds , 2 assists , 2 steal , 3 blocks, Patrick Beverley made 8 points , 8 rebounds , 5 assists. Nene scored 10 points , 5 rebounds , 1 assist , 1 steal , 2 blocks. Sam Dekker scored 5 points , 1 rebounds , 3 assists , 1 steal. Corey Brewer scored 15 points , 5 rebounds , 1 steal.

                                For Hornets Bench players scored a more points than starter players. Coming off a bench Frank Kaminsky scored 22 points , 3 rebounds , 1 assist. Spencer Hawes made 16 points , 5 rebounds , 4 assists. Marco Belinelli made 15 points , 3 rebounds , 6 assists.

                                 Kemba Walker scored 25 points , 6 rebounds , 10 assists , 1 steal , 1 block. Marvin Williams scored 16 points , 8 rebounds , 1 steal. Jeremy Lamb scored 11 points , 5 rebounds , 4 assists , 1 steal.

                Toronto Raptors(25-13)                 vs                   Celtics(23-15)

DeMar Derozan scored 41 points and grabbed 11 offensive rebounds against Celtics.

                Q1  Q2  Q3  Q4  Total

Raptors   23   23   34   34    114

Celtics     18   37   29   22    106

                                      DeMar DeRozan Scored 41 points in a game  against Celtics as Raptors wins a game against Celtics. He took 13 rebounds on a glass and 11 of them are offencive rebounds.  
                                      Raptors registered 3rd consecutive victory over Boston. Boston's four games winning streak come to an end. 

                                        Kyle Lowery scored 24 points , 4 rebounds , 9 assists , 2 steal , 1 block. Jonas scored 18 points , and grabbed a huge number of rebounds - 23 times. DeMarre Carrol scored 11 points , 4 rebounds , 2 assists , 1 steal , 1 block.

                                         For Boston Celtics Isia Thomas scored 27 points , 1 rebounds , 7 assists. Al Horford scored 14 points , 9 rebounds , 4 assists , 1 steal. Marcus Smart scored 16 points , 5 assists , 4 steal , 1 block.   





              Cleveland Cavaliers (28-9)                  vs                Utah Jazz(24-16)

LBJ Scored 29 points against Utah Jazz But he failed win a game.

           Q1  Q2  Q3  Q4  Total     

Cavs   29   12   25    26    92

Jazz    29   27   19    25   100     

                   Cavs lost to Utah Jazz at Vivint Smart Home Arena, Salt Lake City.

                  Atlanta Hawks traded Kyle Korver to Cleveland Cavaliers. Kyle Korver is a 8th best 3-point shooter in NBA history Who can give a huge boost to Cavs. Cavs are already in second position in 3-point shooting in NBA this season.

                   But a game against Utah Jazz even Korver couldn't able to Save Lebron James' Cavs. They lost to Utah Jazz to 100-92.

                    Until the first quarter both team were on a level with same points 29-29.But in a second quarter Utah jazz outscored Cavs and took a lead in a game with 15 points.Cavs tried to Bounce back in a third quarter but they felt sort. Gordon Hayward took away a game from Cavs.

                   For Cavs Lebron James scored 29 points , 6 rebounds , 5 assists , 4 steals.LeBron James helped Cleveland overturn a 15-point half-time deficit but thanks to Hayward, Utah Jazz once again took a lead of 14 points.

                  Kyrie Irving scored 20 points , 4 rebounds , 4 assists , 1 steal. Kevin Love made 12 points , 9 rebounds , 3 assists.Triston Thompson made 12 points, 12 rebounds , 1 assist. Kyle Korver scored only 2 points in 17 minutes and grabbed 3 rebounds.

Gordon Hayward against Cavs scored 28 points with 83.3 field goal percentage At Vivint Smart Home Arena, Salt Lake City.

                   For Utah Jazz Gordon Hayward scored 28 points , 9 rebounds , 2 assists , 1 steal , 1 block. Derrick Favors scored 12 points , 5 rebounds , 2 assists , 1 steal , 1 block. Rudy Gobert scored 11 points , 14 rebounds , 1 assist , 3 steals . 1 block. Rodney made 18 points , 5 rebounds , 3 assists , 2 steals. George Hill scored 13 points , 3 rebounds , 7 assists.  

                   Cavs made only 9 3-pointers from 31 and Utah Jazz made 13 3-pointers from 34 .Cavs team made only 36.5% field goal , While Uttah Jazz made 48.1% field Goal. In this both area Utah Jazz outnumbered Cavs and where Cavs lost a game.



Tuesday, 10 January 2017


Ronaldo with his FIFA Men's best player award.

                                                    Cristiano Ronaldo wins best FIFA men's players award by beating Lionel Messi. Ronaldo Gets another silverware in his pocket , A great start for him in 2017.

                                                  In a last season Ronaldo won Ballon d'Or and European Trophies with Club and Country. He led his National team to win a Trophies and scored a last penalty to secure 11 champions league title for Real Madrid and 3 title for Himself.

                                                  Best Achievement For him in 2016 was he won his first major trophy with his country.Ronaldo also won the Ballon d'Or in December, with both honours recognition for success in the Champions League with Real and Euro 2016 with Portugal.

                                                 Ronaldo Received 34.54% votes , Messi received 26.42% votes and Antonio Grienzmann received 7.53% votes.

                                                Ronaldo stated ,"This was a best year of his Career , It was a great year on a personal level and a sport level. He would like to thank everybody who voted for him."

                                                Ronaldo scored 61 goals and made 20 assists for country and club during a voting period. Messi scored 59 goals , registered 34 assists. France striker Griezmann finished as Euro 2016 top scorer, and for club and country scored 41 goals and bagged 13 assists in 69 games.

                                                Ronaldo scored 48 goals in 47 games for Real Madrid; 13 in 13 games for Portugal. Lionel Messi scored 51 goals in 53 games for Barcelona; 8 goals in 11 games for Argentina. Antonio Griezmann scored  33 goals in 54 games for Athletico Madrid; eight in 15 games for France.

                                               Leicester's coach Claudio Ranieri named best coach for Men's football while Silvia Neid won a Best female coach Award.

                                              Mohd Faiz Subri won a Puskas award for the best goal of 2016.                                              

                                              Messi and Ronaldo dominated this award since 2008 . Messi won it 5 times and Ronaldo won 4 times Messi won this award in 2008 , 2009 , 2010, 2011 , 2012 and 2015.Ronaldo won this award in 2008 , 2013 , 2014 ,and 2016.

                                          Messi and Ronaldo made into FIFA Pro 11 but Antonio Grienzamann left out from a team. Messi and his Barcelona team mate didn't attend a award ceremony.   




Sunday, 8 January 2017

                    Raptors(24-12)                 vs                          Bulls(19-18)

                 Q1   Q2   Q3   Q4   OT   Total  
Raptors    28    33    25    21    11     118

Bulls         29    19    26    33    16     123

                                    It's look like Bulls gets a habit of defeating an elite team of NBA. They defeated NBA champions Cleveland Cavaliers and now they defeated Toronto Raptors.

Jimmy Butler scored 42 points against Toronto Raptors and steals a game away from Toronto Raptors' hand.

                                    Three games win streak ties the Bulls' Longest of the Season. They won against Charlotte ,Cleveland and Now against Raptors in OT. A great come back for Bulls in Fourth quarter.

                                    Toronto Raptors took 13 points lead until a first half. They outscored Bulls 33 to 19 points in a second quarter. In a third quarter both Team scored same amount of points ,Bulls cut a lead with only 1 point in third quarter and Toronto Raptor had 12 points lead.

                                     3:34 remaining , Butler Fouled on 3-pointer , Three Free throws for Butler .Butler made 2 free throws and missed a one to equal a score with Raptors 99-99.

                                      3:00 remaining in a fourth quarter , Butler drives , he passed a ball to wade a powerful Dunk on Raptors post. A lead for Bulls 99 -101. Lowery's Layup shot equalled a game for Raptors.

                                       10.9 seconds remaining in a 4th quarter Wade missed a layup shot , rebounded by Felicio , Felicio's layup shot missed.

                                      4.3 seconds remaining , Lowery took  a rebound , DeRozan missed a floating jump shot. Lowery missed a fade away jump shot. Toronto missed two chances to win a game in a clutch moment.

                                     17.3 second remaining in a OT , Butler hit a step back 3-pointer and took a game away from Raptors. Felicio fouled Lowery on 3-point play. Lowery hit a two free throw and missed a one because of crossing a line.

                                    For Raptors DeMar DeRozan scored 36 points , 8 rebounds , 2 assists , 2 steals , 1 block. Kyle Lowery scored 27 points , 9 rebounds , 12 assists , 3 steals , 1 block. Cory Joseph scored 14 points , 3 rebounds , 1 assist , 1 steal. Jonas scored 14 points , 7 rebounds , 2 blocks.

                                    For Chicago Bulls Jimmy Butler scored 42 points , 10 rebounds , 5 assists , 3 steals. Dwyane Wade scored 20 points , 4 rebounds , 7 assists , 1 block. McDermott come off a bench and  scored 17 important points for Chicago Bulls and made 10 rebounds , 1 assist , 1 steal. Another bench player Nikola Mirotic scored 12 points , 9 rebound , 2 assists , 1 steal , 1 block.



Rooney scored 249 goals for Manchester United Against Reading 

                                    Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney equalled Bobby Charlton's club record of 249 goals as the fourth round with 4-0 win over Reading on Saturday.

                                     As Charltron watched on from the stands Rooney gave United a lead within 7th minute of a game and he also missed a great opportunities to break a record of most goal for a Club. 

                                    Just after Rooney missed a golden opportunity to score a goal and set a new record for a club , Martial scored second goal for Man. United.

                                  In the end of a game Marcus Rashford scored two goals for Man. United and sealed a victory.

                                  Rooney said,"It was not something I could have imagined  , you don't think that far ahead , but I have been at this club a long time. It is a huge part of my life and it is honour to be up there  with sir Bobby Charlton." 

                                  Rooney reached this feet quicker than Bobby Charlton. Although he is playing in a more forward position than Charlton.

                                 In a next fixture against Hull City Rooney will look up to break a record in a first league of FA Cup. 




                           Real Madrid         5              vs                Granada             0

Ronaldo paraded his Fourth Ballon d'Or to Real Madrid Fans at Barnebue.

                            Cristiano Ronaldo shown his 4th Ballon d'Or to the Real Madrid Fans. Cristiano Ronaldo was honoured by previous Ballon d'Or winners to have played for Real Madrid including Luis Figo , Ronaldo , Michael Own and His coach Zinedine Zidane.


                               Real Madrid equalled Barcelona's Spanish record 39 game unbeaten run with a 5-0 demolition of Granada on Saturday.

Isco scores brace for Real Madrid against Granada.

                                12' minutes Isco scored a first goal for Real Madrid ,  picked up the ball in midfield, passing it to Casemiro, before the Brazilian moved it on to Benzema who was on hand with an assists for Isco.

                                20' minutes , Granada defender tried to put away a ball from penalty area , he put it away but a ball went to Marcelo , Marcelo play one to one with Isco and after that in penalty area he tried to give a ball to Ronaldo but ball went to Modrid who blasted a shot from just outside  of Penalty area , a ball was stopped by Malaga Goal keeper. A rebound was taken by Benzema and he made no mistake to put a ball into a net  on this easy chance. Benzema puts it in second for Real Madrid.

                              27' minutes once again Isco and Marcelo played an important role in this goal. Isco pass a ball to Marcelo , A fine feets from Brazilian in penalty area Then he put cross Pass  to Ronaldo , now Ronaldo had to do only thing was jump over Granada defender and put a ball into a net on a very good cross pass given by Marcelo. Ronaldo scored a goal with Header shot !! A really good work from Marcello.

Isco , Benzema , Ronaldo and Casamiro scored a goal for Real Madrid.

                             31' minute , a sloppy play from Granada defender , he gave a ball to Modric who made a great run into a Granada's penalty area piercing through the heart of Granada defence and he made a setup for the fourth goal.Isco run on a ball and with sliding tackle he put a ball into a net. 4th goal for Real Madrid.

                             The hosts even had the chance to notch the fifth right on the stroke of half-time in what was a sumptuous move. With 43 minutes on the clock, Modric sold his man a dummy to find space on the edge of the box, found a one-two with Benzema and his shot with the outside of his boot forced Ochoa into a fine save.

                              57' minute Casamiro scored 5th goal for Real Madrid , James with a free kick, Casamiro  was only one who following a ball , no Granada defender guarding Casamiro or Following him , it was too easy to Casamiro to put a ball into a net when no one was near to him.He put a ball into a net with his right foot into a net on James's free kick.   Casamiro scored a first goal for Real Madrid.

                             Ronaldo scored 12 goals against Granada which is most by any La Liga player.

                            15 times this season Real Madrid scored 3 or more goals in a game.

                            Now Real Madrid will face Sevilla in the Copa Del Rey last 16 and also in La-Liga. Real Madrid has a chance to break a record to remain unbeaten. Zidane insisted he is keen to keep Ronaldo fresh with Real facing a heavily congested fixture list. The Frenchman mad four changes in a game for a Real Madrid side that saw off Sevilla with ease in midweek with  Benzema , Isco , Navas and Ronaldo coming in up front.






                    Grizzlies(23-16)                         vs                         GSW(31-6)

                    Q1   Q2   Q3   Q4  OT  Total

Grizzlies     27    28    24    32    17     128

GSW           34    33    31    13     8      119

Conley scored 27 points and Curry scored 40 points in a game , Highest for Their team in  a game.

             GSW stunned by Grizzlies in Oracle Arena, Oakland where GSW hold a best Home Record.GSW blow a 24 points lead and gave a game in a hand of Grizzlies.

               Now Memphis Grizzlies won both of their meetings of this season and they also equal a all-time series with 40-40 with Golden State Warriors.

               Memphis Grizzlies trailed by 24 points in third quarter and 18 points in fourth quarter with 7:47 remaining in a Fourth quarter. Memphis Grizzlies came back in a game in a fourth quarter where they made a run of 16-0 points on Warriors in 2:46 minutes.

               Mike Conley, Tony Allen and Zach Randolph all recorded double-doubles. Conley posted 27 points and a season-high-tying 12 assists while Allen contributed 11 points and 12 rebounds. Conley registered his second straight game with 12 assists.

              GSW was outscored by Memphis Grizzlies in Fourth quarter 32 - 13 and Memphis Grizzlies outscored GSW in OT with 17 - 8 Where Randolph and Gasol both made 4 buckets and never gave a lead to Warriors.

               Mike Conley made a clutch shot to levelled a game and put a match in extra time.

Curry scored 40 points but he can't helped his team to win a game against Memphis Grizzlies in OT.

              For GSW Stephen Curry scored 40 points but all points went in a vain. Curry made 4 rebounds , 6 assists , 1 steal and 1 block. Kavin Durant made 27 points , 13 rebounds , 4 assists , 3 blocks. Draymond Green scored 11 points , 8 rebounds , 4 assists , 3 steals. Zaza Pachulia made 10 points , 4 rebounds , 2 assists. Klay Thompson scored 17 points , 6 rebounds , 2 assists.

             For Grizzlies Marc Gasol scored 23 points , 5 rebounds , 3 assists , 1 steal. Marc Conley scored 27 points , 4 rebounds , 12 assists , 1 assist. Tony Allen Scored 11 points , 12 rebounds , 3 assists and made a 6 steals in a game . Tony Allen made a huge impact in the game on both side of a game on offence and defence. Zach Randolph came off a bench and scored 27 points , 11 rebounds , 6 assists. Now Randolph is leading a race  to win a sixth man of the year this season with averaging a double-double.

             Memphis Grizzlies is the second team in NBA to win a two game against GSW after San Antonio Spurs.