Saturday, 11 March 2017

            Cavs(43-21)     Vs     Magic(24-43)

This was Cavs 16th Straight Victory Against Orlando Magic.

            LeBron James scored Triple-Double as Cavs defeated Magic 116-104. LeBron James called this one of the "strangest" seasons of his 14-year career, due to all the injuries and fits and starts for the Cavs.


            Korver and Kyrie were out in This game. Smith played in a game as a bench player and scored 11 points , He made 3 3-pointers.

            1st Quarter , 7:02 remaining in quarter , Iman Shumpert scored 10 points from Cavs 12 in starting 5 minutes. Iman Shumpert made 3-pointer which gave 3 points lead to Cavs. 3:33 left Ross made running reverse dunk shot , Magic got 1 point lead. 2:52 left , Irving 3-pointer tied a game at 21-21 , Assisted by LeBron James. Magic took a first quarter with 1 point lead.

           2nd Quarter , Williams made Ally Oop layup shot , Assisted by LeBron James. 10:47 left LeBron James made a Cuttind dunk shot , Assisted by Williams. First Field Goal For LeBron James in a game. 9:04 left in a Quarter , Williams made  a Dunk shot , Assisted by Derron. 5:35 left  Biyombo made  Cutting Dunk Shot , Assisted by Fournier. 3:08 left , JR Smith's cutting lay up shot gave 10 points lead to Cavs. 35 seconds left , Payton stole a ball from Irving and made  running dunk shot. Cavs took a first half with 8 points lead , They outscored Magic 35-26.

          3rd Quarter , James made an ally oop dunk shot assisted by Thompson. 11:27 left , Gordon made Putback Dunk Shot. 10:32 left , Gordon hammered a rim with a dunk.  Magic cut a lead to 3 points. Cavs replied wiith James' driving dunk shot. 9:43 left , Vucevic made a hook shot and tied a game at 63-63. 4:19 left , JR Smith made 3-pointer which gave 9 points lead to Cavs. After 3rd quarter Cavs got 9 points lead.

          4th Quarter , 9:12 remaining in 4th quarter , Je Green made running dunk shot and drew foul. 8:53 left James made a fade away 3-pointer. 7:35 left in quarter , Watson made 3-pointer and cut a lead to 3 points. 5:44 remaining , LeBron James made driving Bank shot and drew a foul , 9 points lead for Cavs. 4:56 left Williams put a cross over and made pull up jump shot and gave 10 points lead to Cavs. 3:01 left Aaron Gordon made cutting dunk shot. Cavs got a first quarter with 29-25.

          Irving has now scored at least 20 points in a career-best 14 consecutive games. This was James' seventh straight double-double, the longest such streak of his career. He entered play averaging 27.8 points, 13.2 rebounds, and 9.2 assists over his previous six games.

           coach Tyronn Lue said ,"We sat LeBron and Kyrie in Miami, which is a tough game to win , I didn't coach the next night and Andrew Bogut gets hurt. There's a lot of things in those two games against Miami. Detroit, they just played well, they beat us.It's a lot of different dynamics. We've got to figure it out and we will."

                                           Video Taken From NBA Conference.

           Cavs' next Game : Cavaliers Vs Houston Rockets.

           Maagic's next Game : Orlando Magic Vs Kings

           For Cavs :

LeBron JamesF3724121301
Triston ThompsonF271413102
Iman ShumpertG30154200
Kyrie IrvingG35228710
JR Smith20111000
Deron Williams25101401
Channing Frye18123101

           For Orlando :

Terrence RossF32114110
Aaron GordonF30165300
Nikola VucevicC272016001
Evan FournierG31151220
Elfrid PaytonG34810630

Friday, 10 March 2017

              GSW(52-13)     Vs     Timberwolves(27-37) 

              GSW lost their 4 game from last 6. After this lost Coach Steve Kerr announced that Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Andre Iguodala all will rest Saturday night when the Golden State Warriors play at San Antonio.


              Kerr's decision means the Warriors will face the Spurs without four of their original starting five, with Kevin Durant already sidelined with a knee injury. Only thing is good for GSW in a game against Spurs that Kawhi Leaonard will not play against them.

              Timberwolves got 10 points lead in 1st quarter , After first half Timberwolves got 11 points lead. They were down 17 at one point in the first half, looking sluggish in transition and allowing a fired up Wolves team to zip around them and out-tough them in the paint.

               Klay Thompson made 13 points in First half and Stephen Curry added 12 points. Anthony Towns was too good in first half , he added 19 points in first half of a game.

               In 3rd quarter 5:12 remaining GSW cut  a lead to 3 points. GSW outscored Timberwolves 8-0 in 2:04 minute. But in last 5 minutes Minnesota Timberwolves made 17-8 run and took a lead of 12 points after 3rd quarter.

               7:29 remaining in 4th quarter Thompson made 3-pointer which cut a lead to only 1 point.  GSW made a comeback in a game by making 13-2 run in just 3:30 minute. 2:37 left in quarter Curry made 3 free throws which tied a game at 98-98. 29 seconds left Wigging missed both free throws. 25 seconds remaining Stephen Curry missed a jumper. 19 seconds remaining , Curry made 2 points. GSW took a lead with 1 points. 12.8 left once again Wiggins send to foul line. This time he made both free throws. Curry missed a last shot. 

                Once again Curry missed too many 3-pointers , He made only 1 out of 8. and he made 10 shots from 27.

                 now a tired, struggling Warriors team is forced to board a plane of San Antonio, set to face a Spurs team that is now only 1.5 games back of the top spot in the West.

                                            Video Taken From NBA Conference
                 GSW's Next Game : San Antonio Spurs Vs Golden State Warriors

                 Minnesota Timberwolves's next game : Timberwolves Vs Bucks

                 For Minnesota :

Andrew WigginsF37244020
Gorgui DiengF24124011
Karl-Anthony TownsC38239202
Ricky RubioG351741310
Nemanja Bjelica331012200
Shabazz Muhammad27118000

                 For GSW  :

Klay ThompsonG36306210
Stephen CurryG35266710
Ian Clark12104210
Zaza PachuliaC2595331

             Cavs(42-21)     Vs     Pistons(32-33)

LeBron James scored 50th triple double of a career.

             Cavs lost their 4 games out of 5 in March , they won only 1 game in March. They struggled through January finished a month with 7-8. But they bounce back in February and won 9 games and lost only two. Despite this kind of Performance Cavs are still on top of Eastern Conference table.


              Once again a very good performance by LeBron James and Kyrie Irving but it was not enough to get a win. JR Smith made a return for Cavs in this game. He played 19 minutes in a game and scored only 3-pointer.

             Andre Drummond grabbed 16 rebounds and 7 offensive rebounds.   

              One game after losing Andrew Bogut for the season after just 58 seconds of action on Monday night, the Cavaliers got some good news when J.R. Smith was activated and ready for action on Thursday night after missing the previous two-and-a-half months following a fractured thumb suffered in late December against the Bucks. 

               1st quarter , 6:56 left Cavs took a first lead of a game. On next possession Jefferson's 3 made 4 points lead. 4:20 remaining Cavs made 9-0 run in 2:42 minutes and took a lead of 8 points. 3:15 left in quarter , LeBron James made a driving dunk and made 10 points lead for Cavs. 1:57 left LeBron James made running dunk shot assisted by Kyrie Irving. Cavs made 18-3 run in last 5 minutes. But in last 1:50 minutes Piston made 10-2 run and cut a lead to 7 points. Smith beat a buzzer beater and made a 3-pointer.

              2nd quarter , Piston started quarter with Morris' driving dunk. 9:22 left in quarter LeBron James made dynamite dunk. 3:58 left Kyrie Irving made a jumper from a corner and drew a foul. 2:54 remaining in quarter Piston outscored Cavs 7-0 in 1:13 minute and they cut a lead to only 1 point. 2:13 left James stole a ball and made a dunk shot with his signature move. 37 second remaining in quarter , Turn Over by Shumpert , Smith stole a ball , Caldwell made a three pointer , 1 point lead for Piston. Piston took 3 points lead after first half.

             3rd quarter , 7:05 left in quarter , Piston got 10 points lead. 4:42 remaining in quarter , Cavs got 1 point lead. Channing Frye made 3 3-pointers in Cavs 11-0 run Over Piston in  1:40 minute. Once again Cavs outscored Piston by 11-4 and took a 3rd quarter with 7 points lead.

             4th quarter, In a starting of a quarter Jackson played an important role for Piston . He made 4 points and assisted for 5 points. 8:28 remaining in quarter , Piston made 13-0 run in 3:30 minutes. 3:50 left , James made a driving dunk shot and drew a foul but he missed a free throw. 1:19 remaining LeBron's layup shot cut a lead to 3 points. 55 second left , Jackson made a jump shot. Piston outscored Cavs 33-21.

            Cavs' next game : Cavaliers Vs Magic

            Pistons' next game : Ney York Knicks Vs Detroit Piston

                                           Taken From NBA Conference

            For Pistons :

Player PositionMinPointsRebAstStlBlk
Marcus MorrisF31125320
Tobias HarrisF41159202
Andre DrummondC352016400
Reggie JacksonG31212510
Ish Smith16123310

            For Cavs :

LeBron JamesF3929131020
Richard JeffersonF3397200
Kyrie IrvingG39275300
Channing Frye21159010


Wednesday, 8 March 2017

              Barca creats a history by defeating PSG 6-1. The Greatest comeback ever.

              It was a night every Barcelona fans will remember. They had a hope , they believe in their team and they didn't disappointed by their team. Barca made a huge comeback coming back from a first leg deficit 4-0 and win a second leg 6-1.

L. Suarez 3'Cavani 62'
Kurzawa 40' OG
Messi 50' p
Neymar 88'
Neymar 90' + 1'
Roberto 90' + 5'

              PSG avoid exiting the Champions League before the quarterfinals for the first time since 2007. But this time it's a same ,  They crushed by Barca side. and Knock out from champion league.

              3' minute , Goal Barcelona - Suarez ,  Suarez send a ball into a back of a post , PSG defender tried to put a outside net , but a ball is already inside.

              17' minute , Neyamar fired a ball  from outside of penalty area , a ball curls and missed a post by an inch.

              40' minute , Goal Barcelona - Kurzawa(OG) , This time Iniesta played a role , He tried to passed a ball with back heal flick but it was Kurzawa whi came in a way , he tried to clear a ball but his effort was not enough to put a ball away from net. He send a ball into a net.

             50' minute , Goal Barcelona - Messi , Barca go back on the attack and Neymar is brought down by Meunier in the area. Referee pointed to the penalty spot. Messi scored a goal From the spot.  11th for Messi in this Champions League.

             52' minute , Cavani's effort hit the post.

             62' minute , Goal PSG - Cavani , A bad play by Barca defender , Cavani was open in Barca's penalty area , Edinson Cavani  drilled the ball into the back of the net on the half volley from Kurzawa’s header to score an away goal that is huge for the visitors.   

             85' minute , De Maria missed a huge chance for PSG.

            88' minute , Goal Barcelona - Neymar , Neymar scored a goal with beautiful curl free kick. Something really special from Neymar.

            90' + 1' minute , Goal Barcelona - Neymar , Suarez fouled by PSG defender , He went down inside the penalty area of PSG and he hits the deck of a net and it was a penalty for Barca. This time Neymar took a penalty and he scored.


             90' + 5' minute , Goal Barcelona - Sergio Roberto , Roberto scored a goal on Neymar's awesome flicked pass. Barca did it and they did it in style.    

            Sergio Busquets is suspended for the first leg of the quarterfinal tie and Ivan Rakitic, Neymar, Suarez and Gerard Pique all picked up bookings that could come back to haunt them later in the competition. 

                                           From Dmitry Zaremba..

            This Time Neymar delivered a great performance for Barcelona just Messi did it for Barcelona in last 10 years. Neymar was a Man Of The Match of a game.



              OKC(35-29)     Vs     Portland(27-35)

OKC lost their 4th straight game , Russell Westbrook scored 58 points in a game.

              Once again Russell Westbrook delivered a great performance by scoring 58 points in a game against Portland. But This time he missed some important shot when it needed most. He missed two open mid range shots and one open 3 pointer.


              Victor Olidipo played his first game after coming back from injury. He missed last six game.

               Thunder took a 11 points lead in first half and after first half OKC had 6 points lead. but Portland outscored OKC in Third quarter with 13 points and took a lead of 7 points.

               Russell Westbrook scored season high 28 points in first half. He made 6 3-pointers from 9.

                4:03 remaining in 4th quarter , Westbrook hit a jumper and cut a lead to 33 points and in next possession Westbrook provide an assist to Roberson who made 2 points with running dunk shot and cut a lead by just 1 point. 2:36 remaining in 4th quarter Westbrook made 2 free throws but in Next one Russ missed 1 and scored 1 free throw. He missed a chance to take a lead in a game.

               55 seconds remaining in 4th , Nurkic made driving layup shot which gave 2 points lead to Portland but before this Russell Westbrook missed open mid range shot. and after Nurkic scored Russ missed one mid range and one open 3-pointer. In this season he made many clutch shots but this time he was unlucky. He missed three shots. OKC lost a game 126 - 121. 

               Westbrook said ,"I just missed them , Made them all game, missed that one. But it's all right. It is frustrating. But at the same time, we put ourselves in that position. We should be defending at a high level. Those are definitely shots I will live with because I will make them 9 out of 10. I just happen to miss that one."

                Thunder coach Billy Donovan said ,"I thought he played an unbelievable game tonight , I thought he was absolutely incredible."

                7 Portland Trailblazer scored in double figure.

                Next Game For OKC : OKC Vs San Antonio Spurs

                Next Game For Trailblazer : Trailblazer Vs 76ers

                For OCK :

Player Position MinPointsRebAstStlBlk
Russell Westbrook G35583931
Victor OladipoG25165000
Andre RobersonF3596000
Enes Kanter17117100

                For Portland :

Noah VonlehF21115200
Jusuf NurkicC24178410
CJ McCollumG37212000
Damian LillardG36223810
Allen Crabbe28234200
Meyers Leonard19121100
Al-Farouq Aminu29127013

                Full scorecard : Click Here

              Bayern Munich     Vs     Arsenal

Bayern Munich Registered 3rd 5-1 consecutive Victory Over Arsenal.

               Once again Arsenal Out Of Champions League in Round OF 16. They were humiliated by one of the super power of Football Bayern Munich. They crushed Arsenal in Both legs 5-1. 

Bayer MunichVsArsenal
Lewandowski 55'PTheo Walcott 20'
Arjen Robben 68'
Costa 78'
Vidal 80'
Vidal 85'

                This is a 7th time Arsenal knockout from last 16.

                13' minute , Giroud nearly scored a goal for Arsenal. Giroud jump and headed a ball very well , A ball just missed by a margin of an inch. 

                20' minute , Goal Arsenal - Walcott , Walcott passed Alonso and Alaba just like They were not there. He entered into a box. He shoots a ball from a tight angle , A ball went over a head of Neuer and went into a roof of net.

                49' minute , Alonso put a ball into a back of a net but he was off-side on that play.

                54' minute , Referee changed his mind and show a red card to Koscielny.

                55' minute , Goal Bayern Munich -  Lewandowski , Lewandoski is suddenly in the Arsenal box, shaping to shoot. He’s barged over from behind by Koscielny, who is shown the yellow card after the referee points to the spot. yellow card for Koscielny. Lewandowski made no mistake and fired a ball into a right side of net.

                68' minute , Goal Bayern Munich - Roben , Roben played one two with Lewandoski ,He took a ball from Arsenal player and he past two challenges from Arsenal player and whips a ball into a left corner.

                78' minute , Goal Bayern Munich - Costa , Costa scored this goal single handily , Costa took a possession on the halfway line, reached the area, cut inside Robben-style, and curls an unstoppable shot past Ospina into the left.

                80' minute , Goal Bayern Munich - Vidal , Alonso made a passed to Vidal He clipped a ball over Ospina. 

                85' minute , Goal Bayern Munich - Vidal , Renato Sanches, from deep, splits the Arsenal defence with one pass. Douglas Costa, down the inside-left channel, draws Ospina before laying inside for Vidal, who sidefoots into an empty net. 

               Bayern Munich registered their 3rd 5-1 victory over Arsenal. This is Arsenal's biggest lose in Emirates Stadium.






Tuesday, 7 March 2017

             Real Madrid are in Quarter Final of Uefa Champions League. 
Ramos is one of only three defenders to have scored in two different European Cup finals.

             Once again Sergio Ramos came as a winner for Real Madrid when it needed. He always come up with something good on the big stage for Real Madrid time and time again.

W2nd legL
Real MadridvsNapoli
Ramos 51'Mertens 24'
Ramos 57'
Morata 90' +1

             First Half :

            24' minute , Goal Napoli -Mertens , What a ball from Hamsik , and wonderful finish by Mertens. With lovely first touch Mertens took a ball and drilled a ball into a ner with left foot.   

            Cristiano Ronaldo's effort denied by Post Bar , A bad luck for him. In a first half Napoli made 11 shots in first half , this is first time Real Madrid face this many shots attempt in first half under Zidane. First Half was dominated by Napoli. Napoli denied by post to take a lead 2-0.

             Second Half :

             51' minute , Goal Real Madrid - Ramos , Once again Ramos saved Real Madrid. Ramos headed a ball with enough power to put a ball into a far corner of net.

             57' minute , Goal Real Madrid - Ramos , On Tony Cruise's corner Ramos struck a ball very powerfully into a net. Mertens tried to put away ball but ball touched his head and went into a net. Once again Ramos came as a savior for Real Madrid.

             90 + 1' minute , Goal Real Madrid - Morata ,  Marcelo passed a ball to Cristiano Ronaldo , Ronaldo hammered a ball with left footed shot but it was blocked by Reina. Morata made a good run on rebound and put a ball into a net with ease. Real Madrid completed job in style.

            Real Madrid increased their Spanish record of scoring in 47 consecutive games with a win in Italy, but their Portuguese star striker is enduring his longest barren patch in the Champions League - Ronaldo has now gone six games without a goal.

            Real Madrid are now unbeaten in last 12 champions league games. Their longest run in Uefa Champions League.

                                               Video taken from Pro Sport.


Monday, 6 March 2017

              SAS(49-13)     Vs     Rockets(44-20)

              It was a duel between Spurs' Kawhi Leonard and Houston Rockets' James Harden. Where Spurs' Kawhi Leonard Outdueled Rockets' James Harden. This season This two are among top 5 candidate to win MVP award where James Harden leads MVP Candidate race.  


               Leonard had a great fourth quarter where he outscored James Harden 17-4. Both Players finished a game with 39 points.

                 James Harden scored 18 points in first quarter where Houston Rockets outscored 39-23. But in a second quarter Spurs outscored Rockets 24-15 and cut 16 points lead to 7.

              James Harden scored 23 points in first Half of a game. He missed only one shot in first half.  

              In a third quarter ,San Antonio went on a 20-4 run to take a 73-71 lead with 3:30 remaining. Spurs forced five turnovers and hit four 3-pointers in the run, three by Parker.

              Fourth Quarter, Harden hit one of two free throws to give Houston a 108-107 lead with 39.7 seconds, but Leonard followed with a 3-pointer over Nene 14 seconds later for a 110-108 advantage. Leonard then blocked Harden's layup attempt from behind, pinning the attempt on the glass with 18.9 seconds remaining. After These Kawhi Leonard made two free throws to make four points game with 14.5 seconds remaining in last quarter. Rockets just fell short with only 2 points. Spurs win a game 112-110.

               Harden played a great game but it was overshadowed by Kawhi Leonard's takeover. 

              Popovich said ,"Kawhi wanted it badly and he went for it and he did it. The block is what him make special. Harden makes 3s , Kawhi makes 3s , Curry makes 3s. Everybody does that. But I don't know who goes to the other end and does what he does. Not that many people, on a consistent basis, an entire game, game after game."

             Spurs won 7 straight games while Rockets won their 4 games from Last 7 games.

             Rockets Next Game : Houston Rockets Vs Utah Jazz

             Spurs Next Game : San Antonio Spurs Vs Kings.     

Games Highlights , Video From NBA Real Times Highlights :

click here to Watch Video

             For Spurs :

Kawhi LeonardF39396512
LaMarcus AldridgeF37154401
Tony ParkerG27196300

             For Rockets : 

Player PositionMinPointsRebAstStlBlk
James HardenG363931200
Trevor ArizaF35137100
Clint CapelaC24129010
Patrick BeverleyG321110111
Eric Gordon34124311